How to sterilize pacifiers at home?

How to sterilize pacifiers at home?
You will need:
  • Side effects nipple
  • Care pacifier
  • wean baby from the nipple
  • accustom the baby to the nipple
  • Choose pacifier
# 1

The arguments "against"nipple does not scare the parents, who are trying to be exemplary - indicative of moms and dads who have little baby crying.Pediatricians all over the world appreciate the damage that can cause this attribute in the future, but the producers so convincingly advertise harmless dummy.The main "cons" is malocclusion, reduction of time for breast-feeding (from - to fatigue suck), violation of the psyche, which is further manifested in the way of solving the problems of surrogate (smoking, overeating, etc.), a speech impediment, and the rejection of the breast.

# 2

addition dummy is often on the floor, which are teeming with bacteria, so you need to know: how to sterilize pacifiers to prevent ingress of pathogens into the body.Today, to help parents be offered a variety of means for hygiene: gels, conditioners, tools for washing child

ren's dishes and even special devices - sterilizers.Also relevant ways grandmother - a washing nipples using baking soda under running water (and then dipped in boiling water), boiling or scalding.The process is very time-consuming, it is sufficient to imagine that for reasons of hygiene after each drop her nipples have to be washed or sterilized, and it happens often.On the street - it's impossible ...

# 3

How to wean a baby from the nipple?Basically a pacifier of the resort - the frequent crying baby, so if the baby became calmer -nuzhno start weaning as early as possible.In order not to injure the baby process should be divided into 3 stages.The first is to reduce the sucking twice within a week.After a day and night sucking canceled, find fun for the baby during waking hours, removing the pacifier from his eyes, and let us sleep.After 2-3 weeks, eliminate the nipple of the afternoon nap, leaving the fun for the night, and after 2 weeks you can safely throw away.For three days the baby will be looking for a pacifier, so it is recommended to switch his attention to the process of falling asleep on the massage and fairy tale.

# 4

How to teach kids to the nipple restless?Every newborn is observed sucking reflex, so much trouble to give a pacifier does not exist.The only problem is in the taste qualities of the mother's breast and "stepmother", which differ significantly, and the child can recognize surrogate and refuse to accept it.So it takes patience and minor tweaks.Perhaps the kid will like the sweet taste, for this dip a pacifier in sweetened boiled water and offered to take.You can also try to moisten the pacifier in breast milk or the familiar mixture used for feeding.The familiar taste and smell will do the trick.

# 5

How to choose the nipple to avoid deformation of the bite?Manufacturers nipple-known brands are not behind the innovative implementations, which are almost harmless, even for newborn babies.Therefore, going for a pacifier, you should choose friends or acquaintances recommended brand, you should pick up after the appropriate model for the age group.Today presents a variety of materials that are easy and reliable to operate and maintain.To complement the protective cap can be attached to the nipple, which supports clean until it is used.Optimally, consult your pediatrician about the form, in most cases, the nipples are symmetrical teardrop shape, but there are flattened - Orthopedic.