As an adult to be baptized ?

As an adult to be baptized ?
You will need:
  • Vera
  • three-day post
  • Shirt
  • Cross
# 1

man has a dual nature: the physical and the spiritual, that is, body and soul.This means that your preparation for baptism should be done in two ways.

# 2

hardest part - to prepare spiritually.A prerequisite for baptism is, without doubt, faith in Christ, and the intention to live the rest of life pleasing to God.To purchase this mindset, you must pray, best of all - on the same temple worship.Help to read the lives of saints and conversations with priests.

# 3

Do not be afraid to come to church even before baptism, present at worship and converse with the faithful after them.

# 4

If you want to talk with a priest, it is best to come to the evening service, where the catechumens (unbaptized) can be present from the beginning to the end (unlike, for example, from the Liturgy).

# 5

In addition, you should have an idea of ​​the most important components of the Orthodox: Church of Christ, the Incarnation of the Son of

God and of his victims, the Holy Trinity, the sacraments of baptism, communion and anointing.

# 6

necessary to memorize the prayer "Our Father" and "Hail, Hail".

# 7

external (physical) training more easy.

# 8

necessary to fast for three (best of seven) days, giving up alcohol, smoking, eggs, milk and meat meal, coarse expressions, sexual intercourse.Moreover, it is imperative to make peace with those with whom you had a falling out.

# 9

That you have to agree on the date of baptism.If possible, it is better to coincide with the Divine Liturgy to you after churched could immediately partake of the Holy Mysteries of Christ's Body and Blood.

# 10

On the day of the baptism, take a towel and slates.Women also need to take a light shirt and scarf, men baptized naked.

# 11

pectoral cross can be purchased in advance or purchased at the church bench.

# 12

godparents adult does not necessarily have.But help is desirable spiritually advanced people.

# 13

Sacrament of Baptism - one of the most important, take it seriously.