As a hint to the guy that you want to meet him ?

As a hint to the guy that you want to meet him ?
You will need:
  • Art hint
  • Hints and views
  • Requests for assistance
  • Radical steps
# 1

It so happens that a guy who likes a girl does not knowabout it.Sometimes sympathy can not develop into anything more because of fear of failure, or because of embarrassment and innate shyness, which often suffer as the boys and girls.One of the most effective means - the hint.It is not intrusive, and at the same time eloquently.hints of Art - the art of seduction, so the girls and boys would not hurt to know the basics of the science of love.As a hint to the guy, so he offered to meet?

# 2

There are signals that are perceived by people as a conscious and an unconscious level on.And if the signals on a conscious level - is an expression of "love game", whose purpose - to draw attention to the signals at the unconscious level, give true feelings and goals, and "read" intuitively.Therefore it is not necessarily to act "in a forehead" to offer to meet the guy.Suffice it to hint at it - to catch his ey

e, hold eye contact for a few seconds, smile.This eloquent hint.And there is nothing improper, no wonder women at all times, "ogle" his gentlemen.After such a hint guy will make an attempt to get to know, of course, if his heart is free and the girl he likes.

# 3

Another effective way to attract the attention of a Man - refer to it with a few requests for help: replace a light bulb, fix the crane, to convey to someone some little thing.At the same time, you can easily touch the object of sympathy, extending a touch a little longer than usual.Touch - one of the most powerful ways to make nice to worry, and if the girl is at least a little bit like the guy, he will not stand and begin to care for her.Sometimes guys tushuyutsya avert their eyes, pretend to busy with something.This may occur with embarrassment.In such a delicate situation, do not give up.Sometimes it is better to say directly about sympathy, suggest a walk, go to the cinema or in a cafe.It is important not to overdo it with the expression of feelings, do not talk too much.Sympathy - is a universal feeling that no non-binding, but gives you the opportunity to clarify the situation in a relationship.Especially easy to talk about mutual affection, if both are studying at the institute, at school - then route that will get close naturally, can be a library, a reading or a gym, swimming pool.

# 4

Hint guy you would not mind to get closer, you can without a word, as openly expressing their sympathy, not to mention it directly.When she looks at the boy, laughing at his jokes, he smiles flirtatiously plays a lock of hair or a necklace with beads around his neck, not taking his eyes, biting straw (if it occurs in nature), gazing thoughtfully at the boy - all of these hints are recognized easily, and deliverpleasant exciting emotions.Finally, if the relationship is getting warmer, you can launch an attack, do more risky steps: take the hand, especially of course it will be at the meeting or parting hug, a kiss on the cheek.Very strong move - it is easier, for example, in the hallway of his home, lightly touch the neck Man, scented it with their playful spirits with a wish "I want to smell you from me."However, this gesture is too erotic, and if the next time a guy wants physical intimacy - do not be surprised.