How to get rid of the mistress of my husband ?

How to get rid of the mistress of my husband ?
You will need:
  • Patience
  • Self
  • changed his attitude towards his wife
# 1

As a rule, the struggle against the opponent - this is truly a ruthless war in which all means are good.The quarrels, scandals or violent fights in such cases, are not uncommon.Both warring parties are willing to do anything to keep a man and defend their interests.But we note that his wife, whose husband changes, do not stoop to all these things, otherwise all this will put it not in the best light.Blessed, looking at the hysteria and the endless complaints of his wife, probably just collect things and leave.Attempts to get rid of the hated razluchnitsy must have a cunning plan, which must carefully consider, after weighing all the pros and cons.

# 2

Applying such a plan, it is necessary to be careful, and most importantly - do not be intrusive.It happens that lover - just fun for the men, and he was not planning to leave the family.Accordingly, the experience of their marriage is not necessary, but hinted his

wife that his "tricks" learned not hurt.He may be scared and break the vicious link.It is possible that, feeling guilty, he will try to rectify the situation - possibly ask for forgiveness, will swear allegiance, give presents and fulfill any whim of his wife.

# 3

Emotions - not the best option in this situation.They will bring a lot more harm than good.It is necessary to sit down and think - why marriage is coming apart at the seams, and the mother's husband is looking for love on the side?Most likely, conclusion is trivial, since it is known that in any quarrel between two fault.So here: it is possible that a man of something lacking in the family - for example, understanding, confidence, emotional component, sexual novelty, etc. It is necessary to look at yourself carefully, since it is possible that a woman stopped responding to sexual needs of men..or affects banal fatigue at work, in connection with which her own husband no longer interested.

# 4

But the situation should be changed.It will not hurt to freshen up: go to the hairdresser, a manicure, buy nice clothes and sexy lingerie.After all, as we know, men like eyes.It is necessary to talk to razluchnitsa (for example, if it is among friends), you can come to visit her, and lay out the whole truth about that no one is going to let a man of the family, soon the couple relationship will improve, because they still love each otherand so on. d. Let the opponent know that it will not be easy to fight a worthy opponent.Of course, this method does not always work, but try to reach the conscience razluchnitsy worth.The main thing - do not move to direct threats, promising her imminent violence: it is not effective.

# 5

In the struggle with his mistress it is important to not be nervous and do not take it out on her husband.Do not show him his resentment, depression and frustration.As practice shows, men rarely leave the family, preferring to frivolous connection on the side.It is only necessary to make sure that my husband wanted to go back home where he is loved and appreciated.The house needs to be perfect cleanliness, a delicious dinner and an attractive wife - all that is so like most men.Last advice, of course, may seem trivial, but it works, because it is often the stronger sex are not looking for a new love, but what they lacked in previous relationships.

# 6

It is advisable to go with her husband in the movies, a restaurant or any other places of entertainment as well as the time together - a great way to build relationships.If a family has children, it is possible to connect them, to ask her husband to check performance siblings in the school, to go with them to the zoo, the circus, etc., - to ensure that the man had no free time for meetings with his mistress...As a result, all the time a man spends on the family, and he simply no longer desire to meet with his mistress.

# 7

not interfere, and increase spending Blessed -Start spend more money on their own needs.Usually, most women give birth due to married men for the sole purpose of monetary gain.When the lover realizes that her boyfriend became her to spend less or even stopped doing it expensive gift, then it is likely to break the relationship itself.You can arrange a romantic evening: to cook a terrific dinner, a manicure and make-up, wear erotic underwear, etc. A rare man can resist such a temptation...Any person required to communicate, and, of course, the men - is no exception.

# 8

worth more than talking to your spouse, to praise any of its undertakings to show affection to him and do everything that the man was satisfied and did not feel deprived of anything.Some deceived wife using "friend" method (again, if the mistress of her husband from among mutual friends, and she is confident that the wife does not know about its existence).It is necessary to have a friendship with razluchnitsa in any way possible.Once that happened, it is necessary to start action - constantly complain about the wife, to talk about his incredible greed, callousness, and so on before her husband, on the contrary, -.. To show compassion for his passion, pity her, while gently hint at its flaws.Using these methods, it is possible not only to return spree husband, but also to add something new to the relationship, which gave a crack.