How to arrange child in kindergarten ?

How to arrange child in kindergarten ?
You will need:
  • Statement from parents
  • Child's birth certificate (copy)
  • Medical insurance of the child (copy)
  • passport of one parent
  • Medical baby card
# 1

Many young parents do not know how to arrange child in the garden.And to determine your child - this is an inevitable problem faced by almost every parent.Therefore, the majority of mistakes, as a result there are conflicts and children may not have called in kindergarten.Often this is due to inattention.For example, this can happen when parents decorate their children medical card and go with her to submit documents immediately, but after a month or more.Some tests can not be applied a month later.There is a possibility that the child may be removed from the queue due to the beneficiaries, who are usually the first place on the list.In this connection, it may happen that you have to stand in line again.

# 2

Yet how to arrange child in kindergarten?There are several types of public kindergartens: normal, compensating, combined

, general developmental, Kindergarten recovery, Kindergarten with ethnocultural component of education.After reviewing the details of each program, already it will be easier to choose which suit the child garden.After the birth of the baby is necessary to book your place you in a suitable garden to reduce the number of problems in the future.It is advisable to check all the kindergarten once a year or six months.It would be better if you apply to several gardens, a child certainly had a chance to frolic with their peers at a favorite kindergarten.

# 3

If a parent has a benefit, it is necessary to have a document that confirms this ee.Posle to kindergarten is a contract, and a copy given to parents rebenka.Mozhno porassprashivat his friends, whose children already goin the garden - they will be able to advise you how to decorate a child in kindergarten right and to take into account without further problem.Neobhodimo that there are reasons for which the garden can refuse.If it turns out that the reason is not compelling, the best option would be to contact the legal department, which will help in solving this problem.