How not to blush when talking to a woman ?

How not to blush when talking to a woman ?
You will need:
  • Calm
  • victory over fear
# 1

Get rid of the inferiority complex.To do this, you should understand that all people are roughly equal in their mental abilities and physical data.I do not consider yourself the worst of all, and then the question "How not to blush when talking?"It comes off by itself.

# 2

not speculate about what you do not know.Do not advance to convince myself that "girls hate my society, it surely despises and hates me, she just wants to make fun of my flaws (by the way, more imaginary than real-life), she will expose me to the stupid light in front of friends andt. d. ".Maybe she is waiting for a guy take the initiative herself suffers as the first to start a conversation.

# 3

Get rid of the fear of speaking.It is necessary to imagine the worst consequences in case of failure.For example, she does not want to engage in conversation.And what from this?Come to an end, a sudden death, a crowd will gather and begin to hoot, stoned, further life without

this conversation becomes meaningless, shame will haunt the rest of his life?Funny to read?Just ridiculous fears of how to build a conversation.

# 4

properly configured morally and psychophysical.It will help a short meditation or repetition of affirmations.For example: "I am absolutely calm, I do not care how it would end, I am the most beautiful, intelligent and charming, does not want to go on contact - it is a problem we have with each other - no one, therefore, its opinion of me does not mean anything" .5.To think, how to find a topic of conversation.It should be kept in stock a few win-win options.

# 5

Think over the various options end the call.In any case to end the conversation and leave with dignity should be - relaxed and with a smile.In case of defeat it is not necessary to show that the girl managed to offend, insult, humiliate Man.The manifestation of resentment is always perceived as a weakness and an invitation to further humiliation.7. Become a role-playing game, take the image of the game - for example, the seller - the buyer.And imagine, how to start a conversation with the client.

# 6

If all the methods listed above do not help, do not be upset.Firstly, it is difficult to avoid the redness of the close proximity of the blood vessels to the skin of the face, and secondly, very many girls like it when a guy's face when talking with her sudden blushes and becomes crimson.Girls firm conviction that the more like it, the more red guy.