How to start dating a girl ?

How to start dating a girl ?
You will need:
  • sense of humor
  • Chivalry
  • Perseverance
  • sincere feelings
  • Girl
# 1

Love - that's fine, but particularly touching feeling is manifested in the youngage.Every young man wants to meet a soul mate in the hope to spend with her the rest of his life.As a general rule, to the registrar it comes with only "half №10 or №20", but any loving young lady believes that she is the last one.However, not always so easy to spin a dizzying novel, but a lot of guys over the years puzzling over the question of how to start dating a girl.In some cases, the problem has become so global, that representatives of the stronger sex just fixated on his quest, scaring away all the familiar and unfamiliar damsels.

# 2

First of all, it is necessary to determine the object of sympathy and choose for themselves the only chosen one, which does not want to ever leave.Choosing to be carefully, but often the solution comes by itself, and called it "love at first sight."When the "potential victim" is fou

nd, it is not necessary to tighten with an acquaintance, and that person can be a lot.The main task of a Man - to make fun and memorable introduction to it, each time reproducing the first meeting, could not help smiling at the memory.This is a sure path to success.However, a little love, so do not sit, "dangling legs."

# 3

on the Rights of new friend a guy can take a girl's phone number, and carefully inquire about her hobbies, interests and passions.The first meeting should be held in an unobtrusive environment, and new friend simply has to get a lot of good experience and good mood.If the introduction is successful, tighten with a date is not necessary, as they say, it is important to follow the "hot pursuit" or the "beaten track".Inviting a girl on a date, it is important to pick up such arguments that she could not refuse, at the same time was quite intrigued by the new meeting.

# 4

Well, that's just such a romantic meeting and everything will be solved.In some cases a spark between potential lovers runs almost immediately, and the rest - still need to be carved in stone.That's it and you can do on a first date.So, what is important to know the lover boy?Every girl loves flowers, but even more loves getting great armfuls of roses or wildflowers.In addition she prefers gallant and courteous gentlemen who just know how to maintain a conversation, and pertinent joke back, and hands to bring to the house.Any charmer does not like to pause in the dialogue, because such a "moment of silence" brings only disappointment and loss of interest to the other party.

# 5

What to say?Vulgarity and black humor - not a good topic of conversation like a girl, so it is recommended to monitor not only your speech, but also for all what has been said, otherwise the young lady can be alienating.The ideal situation is a dialogue "about life", so to speak.For example, you can ask her hobbies, aspirations, achievements and future plans.When she begins to summarize his biography, to make the form and intensely interested remember exactly those passages phrases that cause her the greatest emotions.This is to ensure that, in the case of screw in a conversation a couple of her citations, implying cho essence of the conversation very exciting.

# 6

Every girl loves to talk, and the task of men - sometimes support such a senseless conversation, making it clear that a lot in common between you.Then about any awkward pauses to worry about not coming, and casual conversation brought together much.After such an exciting and vibrant evening there is no doubt that another meeting will certainly take place, though, if only because not all topics of negotiation.Back home it cost to call his lady and learn its experience, making it clear that you are always open to dialogue and willing to discuss any "nuances".

# 7

Finally, to start dating a girl, do not need to be friends with her for a long time, because at one point she really accept new friend, as a friend, not intending to start a relationship with him, no.So it is recommended to act decisively, otherwise you may miss out on your chance for sincere relationship.