How to return the guy if he has a girlfriend ?

How to return the guy if he has a girlfriend ?
You will need:
  • ponder whether -Really need he / she
  • Ted
  • Be prepared for defeat, but believe
# 1

Very often,that people break up, and then regret it.It becomes clear that the separation was a mistake, and the decision to break - hasty.Particularly affected by this the fairer sex.They are emotional, spur of the moment decision to take offense condition, and comprehended the situation, regret.Time does not stand still, the heart is not a stone, someone new passion comes from ex-lovers.It is especially difficult to rectify the situation, if a guy has a new girlfriend.

# 2

Now frank about the mistakes does not help the situation, time is missed, and the sense of responsibility inherent in men, does not allow a guy just like that, without a good reason, to break a new relationship.And yet, as the ex-boyfriend back if he has a girlfriend?Many have resorted to love magic and conspiracies.Should not be doing that.All magic rituals have an admixture of something dark, unnatural.Perhaps it w

ould work on a subconscious level and return to your former boyfriend desire and passion.But often such violence on the psyche of another person turns the mixture of passion and hatred makes the relationships painful and severe.

# 3

Try to visit the same place where they come together.Trying to establish a damaged relationship is best on a friendly basis.But we have to forget about jealousy.Even if you hide it, detects insincerity yourself and relationships fail.Behavior must be flat, stressed friendly.Delete the demonstration of discontent, even more so - the scandals and tantrums.This is only alienate the one who more than all.If his companion stupid, vulgar, ugly - to cope with the task easier.And how to get the guy if his girl is bright, interesting?Do not expect to win, you have to be ready for anything.You may have to accept the fact that he will be happy with another.However, you can remain close friends, and they know how to turn life ...

# 4

If the opponent has captured the heart of a loved one, do not despair!Do not focus on one idea - how to return parnyavo come what may.It is necessary to look closely opponent closer, better friends with her.After all, it's not my fault that the relationship did not exist.What she attracted him?Based on what and keep their relationship?How she manages to keep his affection, tenderness and respect?Perhaps it has something lacking in his previous relationships, and will not prevent something from her to learn, something to learn from.In any case, the guy will be back or not, it will enrich the inner experience and make you a better and wiser.

# 5

Many women in this situation, go to the side or make false steps, which only exacerbate the already difficult situation.No need to retreat, especially if you are sure that you love and are loved.Defend your right to happiness!But remember - in the same river twice not enter.It is necessary to understand as much as before - will no longer ever.The only way - to develop a relationship, change them myself.Otherwise, achieving his, you can fall into the trap, make the same mistakes, the same trigger conflicts, and relationships on an old script again will lead to a sad outcome.The most trusted counselor, who will not let fall into the quagmire of mutual hostility and resentment, but love, which has a short memory at all bad.