Investigated as showing sympathy cancer

Investigated as showing sympathy cancer
You will need:
  • Observation
  • Some knowledge
# 1

Cancers attentive, sensitive nature with respect to loved ones.Outsiders may think that it is cold people, without emotions.The family of cancers manifest themselves as wise parents are proud of their children are ready to take any life situations related to them.As for how cancer manifests sympathy, they are extremely hesitant in this regard.They find it difficult to open up their feelings, although it can "eat" vending human eye.Cancers are waiting exceptional understanding of love, in which they will give themselves without reserve, surrounded partner tenderness and care.

# 2

quite differently showing other signs of sympathy.For example, as showing sympathy scorpion ?.This sign is difficult to maintain composure in matters of love and expressions of sympathy.Their slogan-all or nothing.They like confident partners, sincere in his feelings.This Zack is in no hurry to express your love for your partner, even lived with him for many year

s, can speak of it as the enemy.

# 3

Regardless of horoscope sign, all are faced with the question: "How to distinguish love from sympathy?" The initial feeling that can occur in people - is sympathy, which develops over time in love (or may not outgrow).Perhaps with someone nice to talk to, good in bed, but when you know it closer, you realize that there is no value for you a set of qualities.Ask yourself: "Can I live without this person?"The answer should be: Yes, I can, but do not want to, "This is an indicator of serious feelings and even love

# 4

In saying my feelings guys more secretive So often men tormented by the question:.. How to express sympathy for the girl any girl?will be a nice compliment, albeit small (we launched, soft toys, candy), of course flowers. Take her to a cafe, a restaurant, a theater, an exhibition, and being alone with her, admit to liking.

# 5

Women- a more subtle nature, emotional, therefore, to how to show their sympathy for the man, fit a little differently .. One of the manifestations of what you like the girl is flirting also says a lot of body language: straightens her hair, talking shoe while.conversation, so flirting with you.

# 6

of course, the man and woman are two different poles, but only a man, gives a woman a feeling that she needed him to win any competition, regardless of horoscope predictions.