How to wake my mother : Sunday breakfast in bed

How to wake my mother : Sunday breakfast in bed
You will need:
  • sandwiches
  • tea
  • flakes
# 1

Being a mom - the task is not simple.On the shoulders of the mother is taking care of children, the house, with all that is necessary not to forget about their professional duties.Mom should be well sleep on the weekend - to recuperate for next week.But children make it virtually impossible.After all, the first thing that comes into their head when they wake up - it's like to wake up my mother.To this end, the course is all that comes to hand, including the arms themselves.But it is possible to teach children from childhood not to wake the parents.And if you wake up, then such a pleasant way, such as breakfast in bed.

# 2

In order to get some sleep in the morning, you need to properly organize a fun children's activities in the morning.Of course, this does not work, if the family has a small child.Then it is necessary to adapt to his regime.Try to sleep in such a situation, it is necessary in the period when the child is asleep.Ways how to

wake the newborn, a lot: the slightest noise can cause.But all newborns ever grow.Kids older can already take part in cooking.The most simple - a breakfast.

# 3

can arrange self-service breakfast children.This will distract the child's thoughts on how to wake my father and mother at the weekend.What child refuses such a responsible and exciting experience!This will require to cook all evening.You can start with the sandwiches that are easy to reheat in the microwave.And of course tea: it is better to brew in a thermos.According to the child's diet can vary as needed.Let him cook cereal with milk, or he will make himself a sandwich.All the necessary ingredients are best cut in advance.Most importantly, after an independent breakfast baby will bring delicious food to parents in bed.

# 4

You can also teach your child to make milkshakes, this advance is necessary to teach the child to use a blender.Then a varied and healthy breakfast in the weekend is not only the child but also his parents.You do not need to think about how to wake her husband.He wants to wake up and take part in the meal.Thus, in the morning the children will be busy, and my mother has little time to sleep.Cooking breakfast by yourself developing in children a sense of responsibility.First, of course, by washing the dishes will be difficult, but with time and the children begin to do it yourself.One day they will be able to organize have breakfast in bed for mom.Then the morning will surely be good.

# 5

To give yourself a little bit of sleep in the morning is better to turn off your phone.After the weekend - this is not the time for unnecessary calls.There is nothing worse, how to wake a person on the phone at the weekend.This is not only unpleasant, but also is not one of the rules of etiquette.Delicious breakfast in bed even on the weekends is capable of any person to raise the bed.When food is cooked the kids, it becomes doubly delicious.It is not important that will be filed at this breakfast.Most importantly, it's made with love.To wake up from such a surprise (even if the ingredients were prepared and mother in advance) - it is a real happiness.