How to uncover the sense of the girl yourself?

How to uncover the sense of the girl yourself?
You will need:
  • Humorous Anecdotes
  • Focuses
  • Photos
  • Jokes
# 1

As we know, women appreciate a good sense of humor in young people.So, if you know how to laugh Woman, you can easily achieve its location, and then win her serdtse.Pri this, most importantly do not confuse.Laugh and laugh - it's not the same thing.Therefore, trying to sound cheerful, do not overdo it and do not seem like a girl clown.And for this to be just a little clever.It should also be a good psychologist.After all, even the same joke may like or not like different girls.

# 2

Conversely, different jokes told by the same girl, the interlocutor can create a contradictory opinion.That is why, before you laugh Woman, you should try to find out what her interests and how she is able to perceive certain jokes.And for that, right from the start of communication, you need to be able to recognize the slightest emotion companion to understand, if the conversation is in the right direction.And if the girl's face at some poi

nt slip smile, the contact is adjusted, and you can continue in the same spirit.But if, instead of a smile, the interlocutor is missing, you need to change tactics as a soon as possible.

# 3

One of the classic ways to cheer up the girl is an anecdote.But keep in mind that the old, jaded jokes with a beard does not surprise anyone.Therefore, this method is appropriate only if the guy knows really fresh and good jokes.Also, there may be false enemies and sharp little vulgar jokes on the topic or containing obscene words.Moreover, we must not only know the "correct" jokes, but also to know how to tell them.And for this you may need a kind of acting.

# 4

For dry and monotone told joke ever make rassmeyatsya.Drugim Woman, even more advantageous embodiment, is a story of their own stories of life.At the same time, good quality is the ability to laugh at themselves.Girls love it when young people do not suffer from high self-esteem and can recall with a smile on the absurd situation in which ever popadali.Esche one sure way that can ignite a smile on a woman's face, is the focus.Particularly those in which the girl herself is involved.For example, when a guy pulls out her colored handkerchief or a ball of hair.

# 5

If you want to cheer a girl who is not in the immediate vicinity, then get help from modern devices.Good service will stand the mobile phone or computer.With the first, you can send the passion of funny jokes and poems via sms or mms.Such tricks now you can find a great many on the Internet.A computer allows cheer girl on social networks.But this, again, will need to spend some time and find relevant images and video.

# 6

Typically, a smile from a weak half of mankind can cause funny pictures and videos, in which the main characters are animals and children.Also, the girl probably laugh if a guy she knows in the face, "work" on your photo in "Photoshop", and then send it on a social network a modified version.Well, if a girl has not seen his companion, you can send her two photos to compare.One real and the other - treated.And though she guesses, which is really the man with whom she communicates.

# 7

You can spend a lot of time carefully considering the tactics of behavior and thinking up a variety of jokes.But as you know, the girls - people unpredictable.And so, dear lady may even laugh the fact that at first glance does not seem ridiculous.For example, careless hairstyle or untied lace on sneakers.But this does not mean that you need to walk disheveled and with untied laces.It only says that you need to focus on the situation and not get lost.It may also happen that the girl herself will tell the correct way how it can cheer.

# 8

It is only necessary to recognize the signs that it will podavat.I most importantly - do not build from a jovial, they are not.Even if the first date will be able to survive in this mode, further communication will open up the true face.It is better from the start to behave naturally and easily.Of the methods mentioned above also conduct guy simply choose the ones that are truly characteristic of him.But a healthy sense of humor is always able to come to the rescue!And on the first stage of development of relations, and in the future!