How to fall in love with the girl's correspondence?As a girl fall in love ?

How to fall in love with the girl
You will need:
  • Sincerity
  • Honesty
  • Charm
  • Chivalry
# 1

time.According to statistics, 95% of users of online dating sites fail at the stage of correspondence.Therefore, you should build a whole strategy, through which it will be possible to please a girl and win her sympathy.Reflecting on how to fall in love Woman Pen, remember one rule - it should not be a declaration of love in the second or third letter.It is necessary to pull the time in which it will be possible to get to know a potential lover.And after it will be possible to evaluate the moral quality, it is better to tell more about themselves and ask questions about its interests.Thus, she will be sure that the guy towards her long-term prospects.It is useful to send some of his photos, which will talk about the versatility of interests.Only they do not have to attend the girl to the interlocutor did not think that the guy likes to meet with several ladies at once.

# 2

answer to the letter.Since hook up a girl for one day c

orrespondence is not possible, it should be good to think about their writing.So if she sent another, then it is not necessary to answer immediately, it is better to think carefully about all that I want to write.It is best to send a letter within a few hours, but better days.Thus, the guy will not look in the eyes of the girl loser, starved for female attention and make an impression of a serious young man who carefully plans his day.The letter should not complain about the troubles of life, better sound fun and interesting to talk to.You can tell some funny stories that occurred recently, there will be able to break the ice.We need to show their gallantry and charm, and be sure to enjoy the communication.

# 3

truth.Some people think that virtual acquaintance does not assume the truth of the story of his life, but it is not.If the girl is really like, and it would be desirable to tie the long-term acquaintance, you should not lie to her, because the deception will be revealed later, but nothing will be impossible to do.That's why you need to write a letter to his real name, age, education.So you can avoid unpleasant situations if familiarity will go beyond the Internet.If you tell us about yourself is nothing special, you can always raise an interesting topic or more, so you can get to know each other and become closer.It is useful to learn about her family and interests, they may coincide and that it will be in the link that will unite and the two men.

# 4

Komplimenty.Tak how to interest a girl correspondence is not always easy, her health problems and should be interested in more often.As you know, the fair sex love to talk and vent to someone's soul, it bude what you need, and at the same time it will be possible to understand how a person lives.In addition, should a girl to do in a letter to compliments, so it will be possible to build a relationship, which in the future can grow in a strong sense.To interest a girl correspondence is not so easy, but if you follow the above rules, the odds will be higher, and therefore, will hope it will be possible to fasten, even friendship.