How to learn to pickup if you only find out about it?

How to learn to pickup if you only find out about it?
You will need:
  • guy
  • Girl
  • Basics of communication
# 1

Pick a fashionable word, but few know its real meaning.Many understand it as "easy to take off for a Woman."But in fact it is deep psychology of relationships between men and women.So pick of NLP - the behavioral characteristics of a person.All people have certain patterns of behavior: eyewash, habitual postures, gestures, gait.On these points, you can press to their advantage.It's not as difficult as it seems at first glance.The methods are simple enough that they can learn and apply to every success.How to learn to pickup if you just found out about it?

# 2

postures.This is the first on what is the foundation of a pickup truck and just communication.It is necessary to copy and change the position of the interlocutor in sync with him.It is also important the breath, you can try to fine-tune under his rhythm.Eyes.If they go down, then the source is immersed in a sensory experience, and you need to talk to him about feelings: Oh,

how the street is hot today can sit in a cafe and eat ice cream?Great start for the next step.There should be no such word as "no" and "no", they are not perceived.We need to talk instructions: Let's take a walk.These simple things will help in how to become a master of the pickup.Why, after all, you need to start.

# 3

Train hard, fight easy.It is important exercise.Hone your skills can be on their friends.You can chat with your friends using the methods of the pickup and then ask this conversation differs from the usual.More important is the voice that says pikaper.Error assume that it must be erotic, because it is seduction.Not at all, it should be felt in his voice hardness intentions and confidence that says pikaper.Do not pick lures, and the man himself.And this technique gives self-confidence and knowledge of the behavior of the interlocutor.Mastering pickup how to seduce a girl and ask her out on a date will be much easier.

# 4

It should be remembered that it is not the place makes the man, but man the place.Similarly, in a pickup truck.It all depends on the person who uses the techniques.As mentioned earlier - this is just a set of human behaviors.In other words, a conversation with a man in his language, his report to the information in its cipher.Some think that the pick-up, fall in love with a girl with the help of this technique - it's all you need to know.

# 5

No, the power is not in the words of the speaker, and that they who speaks in the name.What is important is motive, it is one of the main motives of the pickup.You need to know exactly what is being done and what will happen next.Realizing this, you can forget about the word pick-up, how to seduce a Man or a Woman.It should come from your heart, not dry technology.In truth, the pick-up is only a description of what actually happens between a man and a woman.Just these behavioral aspects singled out and said that they need to do: how to smile, what to say, with some intonation.And this is natural behavior of people ...