How to find a buddy with the same interests ?

How to find a buddy with the same interests ?
You will need:
  • Hot Topics
  • Public places
  • Debate Club
  • Listening
# 1

Hot Topics.Find a companion in the modern world is difficult enough, but if you know some of the secrets, then nothing will be impossible.Being at a party, you can easily talk with anyone, starting a conversation on any topic of the day, he did not understand how to be lured into a conversation, in which process should ask more questions and listen carefully to the interlocutor, nodding his head affirmatively.

# 2

public places.Pondering over how to find a buddy with the same interests, should go to public places, such as a museum or an exhibition, where you can meet a lot of people and find common topics of conversation.And after the show, you can exchange phone numbers and continue the dialogue on topics of interest to both.And if the person to invite home to see his collection, how much more do not need to give up because of mutual enthusiasm will grow true friendship.

# 3

activism.Knowing how to talk with

the interlocutor, you can get his attention and have fun, but first you need to meet him.This will help social activities, you can sign up as a volunteer in any charitable organization, there can be found a lot of people, among which there are like-minded.In addition, talk to them is very simple, because the topics for discussions will abound.

# 4

Debate Club.Many people reflect on how to be a good company, but it needs to constantly communicate with people and increase their erudition.This issue is resolved easily enough if start debate club.There can be, and talk well and find yourself interesting people, who will be happy to discuss popular topics.The debate club can learn how to win the interlocutor, then surely it would be impossible to stay without friends.The knowledge gained during these verbal battles, help to become not only interesting and erudite man, but the soul of any company.

# 5

Listening.In an interview it is important to be able to only those interesting and nice to talk, but also listen to his opponent, or find a buddy will be very difficult.That is why it is so important to know how to listen to the interlocutor, and did not interrupt him in mid-sentence.The ideal option in the management of the conversation is 60% listening and 40% speaking only, then it is possible to pass an intelligent man and a good conversationalist.To find a buddy with the same interests, should constantly improve their erudition, to be aware of the latest news and will certainly be able to listen to his opponent.