How to tell a girl ?

How to tell a girl ?
You will need:
  • Recommendations
  • first date
  • Interest
  • status
  • Summary
# 1

Every guy man ever to answer the question: "Tell me about yourself".And it sometimes introduced into a stupor.Immediately in my head a scrollable set of recommendations: "How to tell you about myself?", "What to tell about itself?", "What is to tell about themselves, to please?".And while this lasted minute pause, and may not be a minute, the girl often lost interest in the answer.After all, it is the usual question she asks without hesitation, although she probably would not have found that answer.For a girl at the beginning of the relationship is important not the answer, and the rate of reaction.Checked that by and large it does not even remember what she tells the interlocutor.And this question will ask him even a week later, when the complication of relations is obvious.And then she will listen to every word, memorizing any detail.But, nevertheless, we must find an answer and always intriguing.

# 2

So the question should be asked, and not miss a moment to respond so as to cause the subsequent interest.After all, it is a first date - it is a point of reference, and it is from this period of time depends on the duration of the relationship.Often from uninteresting and boring conversations lost any sympathy for the other party.So it is necessary to think in advance what you can tell about yourself, so that when the conversation does not get lost.In any case, it is necessary to briefly tell about the girl himself.A man (the guy) we must remember interesting stories from different periods of his life - a kindergarten, school, college.And the story of his life it is necessary to supplement some funky events.It is imperative to monitor the behavior of the girl.As she holds, if she interested in the history of the interlocutor.A man has to be in the end, a psychologist, and select it the same key is understanding and ideal.

# 3

How to tell a girl, in this case to get her to listen with interest? If it became apparent that a girl becomes a boring and she looks around, it is necessary to try to switch to another story or connect it to the talk period inhis story with questions: "what did you have?" "And what did your parents do?", "And you, too, in the institute it was?".At the same time, talking about himself, man can gradually move on to the fact that the girl starts talking about himself.But we must try while constantly maintain a dialogue.Only a few girls like to speak with a monologue, but the majority considered it disrespect or disinterest to his person.So that the other party should be kept constantly on the pulse of the hand and fill the pause jokes or compliments.You should also note that is of interest to girls (women), it is possible to play along with her.On the first date is not only a man can feel comfortable and do not suffer from complexes, such feelings can experience and representative of the fairer sex.So, whatever it was, you have to be yourself and do not be afraid to make a mistake or stumble.

# 4

Why many guys are lost questioning about their work.Well said girl, what are you doing?Although there is nothing criminal in this matter.For girls it is important, even in the mercantile purposes it must be understood on a social level is her man, if it fits her status.Yes, this conversation is not necessary to mention the salary, but then, what position takes interlocutor, reveal many traits of men in front of her.Often, it is important that the status was not lower male female.Because in such a relationship uncomfortable feeling is not only a woman but a man.So do not be ashamed to talk about their status, even if he has not yet reached the expected heights.We must think, because not all girls need oligarchs and millionaires.Perhaps she would be delighted even this low position, because she may want to get it all together with his chosen one.

# 5

hesitate to talk about with a girl on a first date, do not waste time on the workpiece.This is not an exam and memorized phrases she feels.Therefore it is possible to reserve cribs for other cases.In such situations, it is necessary to tell about myself all the best, because of this meeting there will be a continuation depends.This can be called a kind of autobiography, resume, although by and large it really is.That's only in the role of the employer acts like a girl, and the role of work - a relationship with her.Therefore, in this conversation - a summary is necessary to specify only positive qualities.From the story depends on men, whether she wants to continue to communicate with him.Should I tell her about yourself or just get up and leave.First date, first contact, first impressions - this is what happens once, so a man must go all out to try to be "on a horse."