How thin Victoria Beckham : lose weight in 3 days

How thin Victoria Beckham : lose weight in 3 days
You will need:
  • Desire
  • Dieting
# 1

popular designer Victoria Beckham, formerly known as the singer of the group "Spice Gels," always in good shape.Even after Vicki gave birth to their fourth child, daughter Harper Seven, ten days later she had worked in the gym.According to Beckham, she manages to keep the weight off through diet, with whom she is constantly experimenting.Eventually she was able to identify and find a 3 supply system.Which she alternates or uses as appropriate.According to the famous diva, designer should look like so that you can try on the clothes she sews.I must say that it succeeds.In addition, she wears her clothes in everyday life, its advertising.Three famous Victoria Beckham diet should be considered.

# 2

first method, "how to lose weight in 3 days."Use this power system more than they are due is not recommended.On the fourth day you can spend bowel cleansing.To do this, Victoria dilutes the fresh grapefruit juice, mineral water, drinks throughout the day.Mea

ls should be regular and occur at the same time.First breakfast - green tea and unsweetened two tostaVtoroy breakfast - fruit salad.The singer prefers citrus, they are not just rich in vitamins, but also muffle feeling of hunger.Refrain follows from grapes and bananas, these fruits contain too much sugar and not suitable for the diet.Lunch - vegetable stew and a small piece of boiled chicken breast.Everything is cooked without salt, spices and seasonings.Dinner - a green salad, a small piece of cheese and a few shrimp.

# 3

Sticking to this power system must, if there is a question: how to lose weight in three days.The second method, in which the wife of famous footballer thinner, less gentle, stick to it quite difficult, but the result appears immediately and lasts a long time.It consists in the use of fresh fish and berries.Sashimi buy in Russia is possible, but make sure its quality.It spoiled or poor-quality raw fish is infested with parasites and dangerous to health.But if the fish is fresh is selected, it is rich in vitamins, minerals and various trace elements.What a great effect on the whole body.Of course, not every woman will be able to use such a diet, but seafood lovers it will be enjoyed.

# 4

allowed two meals, breakfast and lunch is.For dinner, Victoria Beckham can afford a little dry wine, not more.You can eat any fish sashimi, also allowed all the berries, they can choose to your taste.Drink throughout the day must be not sweet green tea or mineral water (not soda).one day menu is as follows: first reception - 150 grams of eel sashimi and 150 grams of strawberries, the second reception - 150 grams of raw tuna fillets and 150 grams ezhevikiSleduet say that adhering to this diet, you need some time to think it necessary to take such a risk.After all, if you buy a poor quality fish would have to get rid of parasites and various bacteria for a long time, and possibly with consequences for health.In addition, there are other weight loss methods, tested personally Victoria.

# 5

third method is the most enjoyable and allows you to see how thin Victoria Beckham.It's simple, you must eat foods prepared only by means of a double boiler.Observe some limitations and safely lose weight.Observe a power system can be permanently nutritionists found no contraindications.The food steamed rich in vitamins, it is not added during cooking oil, and this suggests that the excess cholesterol and calorie intake can be avoided.Limit consumption of meat, replacing it with seafood and fish.Avoid sugar.After a week of such a diet significantly improves the complexion, felt a surge of strength and energy, fatigue passes.After all cooked in a double boiler is very useful food.In addition, it is very tasty and juicy.

# 6

very Victoria Beckham is trying to stick to power a third method, that is, the finished product for a couple.But if you need to quickly come back to normal, for example, after childbirth, or to enter the red carpet, the singer uses the diet three days.That is why designer always looks beautifully and holds a figure which may be the envy of many.Victoria Beckham says that not only adhere to certain food system must also include in your life regular exercise.Diva herself, even if engaged with the instructor tries to do two hundred sit-ups every day.This helps to keep the muscles toned.Vicki believed that the more sports better.

# 7

After reading the article, it became known how to lose weight in three days.How to come back to normal, and retains its shape Victoria Beckham.Adhering to any of the following three power systems, you can not just throw extra weight, but also to keep a good result for a long time.The best results can be achieved by combining diet and regular exercise.Then improve not only physical fitness, but also health.And of course the basic rule of the diet is the right way out of it.Wise to limit portions or count calories (roughly, not to fanaticism, of course).And do not eat at night, and it was four hours before bedtime.All of this will not only have a good figure, but also keep your weight.