How to help your child sleep at night ?

How to help your child sleep at night ?
You will need:
  • Care
  • Love child
  • Patience
  • Calm
# 1

Make preparations to bed for a child become a habit.Bathe the baby, feed him before going to bed or give a bottle, read a story, say something meaningful for the night each toy your child.It does not matter what it is your ritual, it is important for it to be calming and not stimulating.

# 2

Give your child soft toys.Maybe your child is already grown fond of any particular toy.If so, use it to calm him down before bedtime.If not, try to spend more time around this toy when you are busy daily affairs - then attached to it can appear in a child faster.

# 3

Put the baby in the crib when he or she is sleepy, but not asleep.So he learned to fall asleep in bed, and not on your hands.

# 4

If your child cries when you put him to bed, do not take him in my arms!Some experts advise you to stay in the room, so that your child has not started to panic, thinking that the room is empty.Others are advised to leave the room, but return

regularly (5 - 10 minutes), gently talk with a toddler, a little pat on the back (but not removed from the beds!), And then leave again.You will have to decide which is right for you comfortable all.

# 5

If your baby wakes up at night and cries, go to it, but do not remove it from the crib.Quickly change diapers (preferably leaving the child in the cradle), once again leave the room, leaving the child alone.Go back to the room every 10 minutes, until the child falls asleep on their own.

# 6

Tips & Warnings: Tune in to what to teach the child to fall asleep on their own may take more time.If you fulfill all the conditions for 10 days, and your child still has not learned to sleep alone, seek professional help.Fortunately, on this subject there is enough information.See special websites, books and videos.Your doctor may give you a referral to a center that specializes in sleep disorders.But remember - psychological comfort for the child - is more important than any rules and dogmas.