How to win the heart of the boy 's first love

How to win the heart of the boy
You will need:
  • Mysteriousness
  • Well Read
  • Support
# 1

Become a friend.Every girl wants to have a nice and loving guy who would gave flowers, invited to the movies and eat ice cream.This dream can become a reality, you only need to do in the right direction a few steps.Before you win the heart of a boy, should be his good friend, but first you need to get close to him, so you need to learn more about their interests.Then you can accidentally start a conversation about the now joint interests and begin to share experiences and knowledge.If we can make a good impression, we can assume that the answer to the question of how to win his heart, found as a boy he would have to seek dialogue with the erudite woman.

# 2

Riddle.To seize the heart forever liked a boy, you must create an aura of mystery, and he did not notice how the network will fall.To do this, you need to show off a mysterious person, at every meeting should be different, and this will need to use all his acting talent.If thi

s can be done, then how to offer his hand and heart of a new lover and keep it, will think he has.In this case, you should try to capture the object of adoration, to conquer it for its beauty and ease, and then, when he gape, disappear from his field of vision, then it will start to look for meetings, coming up with different excuses.

# 3

support.Reflecting on how to win the heart of a scorpion or a representative of any other sign of the zodiac, you should at the right time to support him, he will appreciate such a gesture and will be difficult times to contact the girl who helped him in a difficult moment.And if we do heartthrob compliments, then he will have to think how to win a woman's heart, and give up on this business all his efforts, because he just does not want to miss it.But praise be to the point and for certain actions, otherwise it would look obsessive and artificial, and does not give the desired effect.To win the boy's heart can be in many ways, but most importantly, do not do it too hard, it is necessary that he thought he won the love of the girl.