How to make a quick pie with ham ?

How to make a quick pie with ham ?
You will need:
  • Ham
  • Flour
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Dill and parsley
  • Salt and pepper
  • Sunflower oil
# 1

Many housewives askedthe question of how to make a quick pie from a minimum amount of products.As it turns out, it is not so difficult.Ham should be cut into oblong slices, onion cut into half rings.For the test to take three eggs, pour half a cup of milk, add salt, a little whip whisk, add flour while continuing to whisk whisk to avoid lumps.The dough should have a liquid as for pancakes.Ham need to cut and fry with the onions in the pan.

# 2

Before you make a quick pie, you need to choose the right baking dish, it must be with high sides, as the cake will rise strongly.Heat oven to one hundred and seventy degrees, in the form of refractory pour a little of refined sunflower oil, put in the oven.When the oil is in the form of warm up, add the ham and onion, then pour the batter.Bake the pie just twenty minutes, the first ten minutes the oven is better not to open it.

# 3

dough will rise fourfold, ham pie is on the surface, it looks very appetizing and unusual.Serve pie with ham should be hot, sprinkle with grated cheese, dill and parsley.To prepare the cake quickly with ham, it is not necessary to know how to cook a sponge cake.To expedite the process, you can use ready-made store-bought puff pastry or yeast.It remains only to prepare a mincemeat.Chopped ham, processed cheese grate.

# 4

Three medium onions need to grind to a blender, mix with the ham and cheese.Also in the stuffing can put pepper, tomatoes and zucchini.Then, add to the stuffing three raw eggs, she should get a semi-liquid, salt, add black pepper, parsley and dill.If an experienced housewife knows how to prepare for the poppy cake, then this is exactly the stuffing cope easily and quickly.

# 5

Puff pastry need to roll out, to put it a baking dish (with borders), pour the filling, cover with a layer of dough on top of the second, edge zaschipnut, be sure to make a puncture with a fork.Just like preparing the cake of puff pastry, prepare pie dough.Bake the pie should be at one hundred and eighty degrees, about half an hour.To shine at the end of baking is necessary to grease the cake with egg yolk.This cake will decorate any holiday table, it can serve as a hot and cold.