How to make puff pastry for a pie ?

How to make puff pastry for a pie ?
You will need:
  • flour Butter or margarine Salt
  • Water
  • Skalka
  • Refrigerator
# 1

Which only types of dough does not exist.It is sandy, yeast, custard, biscuit, puff.Puff pastry is not difficult to buy in the store, but many remember the Soviet times, when such a product on the shelves of grocery stores was not present.Mistress themselves worked and sculpted out of the water and flour laminated charm.This process took quite some time, but he held interesting and useful.Now, too, not everyone has the opportunity to buy ready-made puff pastry.There are different circumstances.Maybe people live in the country, not near shops, but wanted to puff pie.Some people just do not want to go in the cold in a shop or do not have extra funds, as flour and margarine in a house there.Some housewives just like themselves to do everything from start to finish and enjoy it.

# 2

In any case, the knowledge of how to prepare magnificent puff pastry will not be superfluous.Suddenly, the fate will throw

someone to the polar station, which of the products, but always present flour and butter, but the puff pastry there never did things, not to mention the delicious cake and the cake "Napoleon".Knowing how to make puff pastry, a man and a polar station in a remote village, and in the city will always be able to cook a delicious dessert to treat them not only themselves, but also the family, friends.When the pie should look friends, then you need to start to prepare the dough in advance.In stock at the hostess should be 4-5 hours.Then she will be able to feeling, really, slowly make the dough, bake a cake and bring the kitchen and cleaned up.

# 3

begin with audit products.If the house has a flour, water, butter and a little salt, then this is all that is needed for the preparation of puff pastry.Thus, the products in place.Now, it would not hurt to write down the exact amount of each ingredient: - 500 grams of flour - about 1 cup of cold water - 500 grams of butter or margarine - 12-15 grams of salt.If the polar station was not cooking the balance, the right amount is determined by a conventional glass tumbler or mug of the same volume.They fit 170 grams of flour.So for the test you need to take 3 cups of flour and sift it in a bowl.In the middle of the flour gorochki is deepening, which is put salt and water flows.With the help of a knife or spoon to mix the liquid and loose parts.Now everything is kneaded by hand.

# 4

This process is not a quick dough should have a smooth consistency and become smooth and similar to dumplings dough.Then it is covered with a cloth or towel and left to "rest" for 10-15 minutes.During this time you need to prepare butter.It was removed from the freezer and cut into a plate thickness of about 0.7 mm.Table, hands, smeared with a rolling pin with flour and begin to roll out the dough on a work surface.As a result, should get a thick rectangle not more than 0.5 cm. Needless is not necessary to try to avoid that the basis for the cake is not broken in some places.On half of the formation of the dough stacked plate oil.The dough is covered with the second half strongly and zaschipyvaem its edge.Thus it is necessary to watch that in the middle there was no air, or when rolling out out to seep oil.

# 5

The resulting figure is rolled out to a thickness of 1 cm into a rectangle, then fold in half 2 times: first, each of the edges must be applied to the middle, and then - to fold the resulting piece in half.Get as least 4 cakes dough (one on one).The product is placed on one edge of the towel, and the second cover is removed in the freezer for 20 minutes.Now, the hostess can relax, have a drink of tea or watch your favorite show.But time passed.Towel with the semi-finished product gets out of the freezer and the dough is rolled out again with the help of a rolling pin into a rectangular layer thickness of 1 cm. Then fold it back 2 times in half.And on 20 minutes, sending a bit of frost.Exactly the same manipulations doing a 2 more times.One of the main conditions for obtaining the laminated dough - turning the reservoir after rolling each time by 90 °.

# 6

not superfluous to again recall that before the how to make puff pastry, a table (or board), a rolling pin should be properly lubricated with flour.If still pieces of dough stuck to them, they must be clean, otherwise they may break the foundation for the cake.Places breaks too floured so there did not get out the oil.Before you roll out the oil-flour products recently include heating oven.It should raskochegarilsya to 200 °.And, of course, must already be prepared stuffing.These can be fruits, berries, cheese, mushrooms, meat and everything that your heart desires.But stuffing can "pin down" the dough and give it to rise during baking.Therefore, it is not necessary to put a great deal.It can be distributed over the surface of the cake when the dough slightly podpechёtsya, ie 10 minutes after the start of baking.

# 7

if it starts mistress frightened by the prospect of so much fuss puff, you can use a simplified version.All the ingredients shown above are mixed in the first step more.It turns out the big oil bun.His crush in the cake, wrapped in a napkin and put them in the freezer for 40-50 minutes.After that, a flat loaf rolled out into a rectangle, fold just 2 times in half.The freezer is not removed, and doing a manipulation of these one by one 3 more times.Well, then the dough is spread on the filling, cake smeared yolk baked and cleaned.

# 8

Talking about how to make puff pastry, it should be noted that the last prescription, it will not be as sweet as the the first.The classic version of the preparation of puff pastry is more laborious, but the result will be better.Making the dough slowly, you can think about something pleasant, meditate and dream about what a delicious cake will "Napoleon", sweet cherry, or a hearty meat pie.