How to make fried cakes with apricots ?

How to make fried cakes with apricots ?
You will need:
  • apricots
  • flour
  • sugar
  • oil
  • egg
# 1

Summer - is not only a time for vacations and endless fun.This is also the time and a large amount of fresh fruit.And now analyze recipe cakes with apricots.This is a fairly simple recipe of sweet pies of not quite normal test.To test need flour, vegetable oil, yeast, sugar and salt.The capacity add 4 tablespoons of flour and butter, then stir until smooth.The resulting mixture add a glass of boiled water, mix and leave to cool.

# 2

How to fried patties, consider a little later, and now we'll do the second part of the test.To this end, more capacity, which add warm water, flour, sugar and salt.Once everything is mixed add the yeast and a little forward.We are adding more flour and dough mesim.After adding the first test, which has already cooled down, and knead all well.We reserve the dough under the film and give up.At this time, you can wash the apricots, and separate them from seed.Now make circles of dough, spread on them apr

icots and sprinkle with sugar.

# 3

Formed fry patties in a frying pan in vegetable oil and enjoy the delicious pies.Patties can be prepared not only in the pan, but also in the oven.For example, take the pie recipe with eggs.And let us consider how to bake pies with egg.What will be the dough, it does not matter.This can be a yeast, and is not as flaky and butter.Stuffing make of boiled and grated on a coarse grater eggs.And as of chopped green onions.

# 4

resulting salad spread on a workpiece pies and collect the seam of each patty.If you want to learn how to wrap beautiful cakes, remember that it needs to be folded pastry in half and lightly two fingers to collect a neat seam.Once the cakes are collected, lay them on a baking sheet seam up and put in the oven 30 minutes is necessary to cakes covered with a golden crust.If you wonder how to make cakes in the oven, remember that even the best cakes grease with beaten egg, it will give them a golden color and shine.

# 5

dough for pies is very different.And there are nuances in the preparation of each of them.Most often they are rooted in the ingredients, but may be different and the mixing process itself.In order not to make a mistake in how to mix the dough for pies, it is better to write new recipes in a notebook and keep them there.This will help to exactly comply with the test preparation rules that give each its own special pies taste.I wish you success in the culinary exploits.