How to fry vegetables multivarka ?

How to fry vegetables multivarka ?
You will need:
  • multivarka
  • Vegetables
  • Oil
  • Spices
  • Flour
# 1

With each passing day increases the number of those who have very rarely cook their own food in the usualway: in a skillet, saucepan or oven, and all because replaced by a completely new and improved device called multivarka.This device combines all kinds of cooking and running in automatic mode.During the cooking process in multivarka can not follow - thus the time spent in the kitchen cooking, significantly reduced.Multivarka - is, without exaggeration, a gift for each family!In multivarka can cook anything, put out, bake, reheat and even fry.The most seemingly complicated - it's hot, and many are often faced with the problem of how to fry in multivarka.In fact, everything is very simple.There are many tips and recipes.

# 2

can fire in multivarka ogromnoё any number of products, but today we have to deal with how to fry multivarka vegetables.No vegetables are generally very difficult to human nutrition, which is at le

ast somehow take care of your health, because it contains trace elements in vegetables, so necessary to the human body.The vegetables also have fiber and dietary fiber, which take care of the human cardiovascular system.All nutritionists recommend eating vegetables violently to anyone who wants to lose weight, as well as people under the age of 40 years is recommended to be half your daily diet of vegetables.With the invention of multivarok vegetables cook was even easier and more interesting, because in vegetables stored nutrients, and keep an eye on the cooking process is unnecessary, and the taste of a dish is saturated.

# 3

In multivarka can cook almost any vegetables, namely potatoes, carrots, zucchini, corn, eggplant, green beans and cabbage.Multivarka vegetables can be prepared either as a garnish or as the main course.Naturally, the most useful mode for cooking vegetables in cooking mode multivarka is steamed because the finished dish is stored absolutely all nutrients and trace elements.However, very often want to fry some vegetables, whatever you say, and fried food taste better than boiled or stewed, and even harmful.Here are some recipes that will help deal with the way in multivarka fry vegetables.We must start with the first, and therefore, from the widespread and beloved recipes - fried potatoes with mushrooms in multivarka.

# 4

For this dish should stock up on potatoes (four pieces), herbs and vegetable oil, onion (two heads), mushrooms (three hundred grams) and, of course, salt and pepper.In the beginning you need to select and wash the mushrooms, the largest of which can be cut into two parts.Then it is necessary to put multivarku hour "baking" mode Multivarki temperature should be such that it roasted products.Next you need to pour into a saucepan and add the mushrooms vegetable oil.In the process of cooking mushrooms stands out a lot of liquid, so you must fry them so complete evaporation of the liquid.This process takes about twenty minutes, then you need to cut into half rings onion, chop pepper and mix it all.The resulting mixture pour in the mushrooms and fry it all in ten minutes.

# 5

While fried vegetables, you need to clean the potatoes, wash and cut into slices it, and then, after ten minutes, add to the pot.Potatoes need to add salt, close the lid from the pan and fry for a further twenty minutes.Thereafter, the cover must be removed from the pan, season with salt dish and mix thoroughly, and then leave for another twenty minutes.All fried potatoes with mushrooms ready, yummy!It's time to move on to the next recipe.Very popular vegetable at all times was the zucchini, then you need to deal with how to fry multivarka this vegetable.This dish is prepared quickly enough and, therefore, will not take a lot of time mistress.Someone zucchini fries in breadcrumbs, someone in the cheese, but the most delicious recipe is undoubtedly the preparation of squash eggs.

# 6

To prepare this dish should buy two zucchini (unless, of course, they did not grow up on the personal in the garden), egg, flour (you will need only one hundred grams) and a head of garlic.First, you need to wash the zucchini, as well as clean them and cut into small rings.To the dish turned out tender and juicy rings need to make as thin as possible.Then they need to put in a bowl, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with herbs (herbs can be used dried).The next step is beating eggs in a bowl in which to slowly add the flour.Then in the pan for Multivarki should pour oil and put it in the zucchini, pre-dipping each ring in a cup of zucchini with egg.To fry zucchini, put them should be strictly in one layer.Then choose Multivarki mode "quenching" and close the lid.

# 7

usually automatically installed multivarka extinguishing mode for one hour, but this time of course very much.Open the lid to be in ten or fifteen minutes if the pubs are ready, then you need to turn them and continue frying.Ready zucchini turn golden.When the first batch is ready, you need to get her out and fill with new multivarku zucchini.When the courgettes are ready, they need to pull out and put on a plate and to enhance flavor, rub them on the garlic (garlic rubbing on a fine grater), and so each serving.Here on this and the process is finished!Fried zucchini with garlic ready!Such some simple recipes to help to please yourself and loved ones useful, and most importantly, delicious food!