How to fry the meat soft : a step by step preparation of meals ?

How to fry the meat soft : a step by step preparation of meals ?
You will need:
  • Loin lamb
  • Pork neck
  • Beef tenderloin
  • Vegetable oil
  • Olive oil
  • Sol
# 1

In preparation of grilled meat are some nuances, that must be taken into account to get the perfect dish - tender, soft and juicy.The first dish to get soft, you need a responsible approach to the choice of product.We are talking about the type of meat and the age of the animal, as well as on the part of the carcase from which will cut a suitable piece.If you are unable to acquire the loin lamb, and the disposal there is only the "old" beef, the dish will have to "work hard".It will require extra effort from cooking (pre-marinating).You can select a few more secrets of how to fry the meat so that it was soft.

# 2

If fry the product correctly, and old meat is tough, reminiscent of the structure of the shoe outsole, on the other hand, no one would guess the age of the cow.In order to get the best results when choosing beef need to stop for a thin or thick edge or cutting out.The pig carcass suit

able for frying the pieces to the neck, they are the most tender and fatty.Rack of lamb - the best choice in that case, if the choice is stopped on this type of meat.When choosing a product, you must determine whether it has been subjected to freezing.This piece will keep the hole by pressing your finger a few minutes and cutting out on a fresh imprint will not be saved and a few seconds.

# 3

To roast meat, so that it retains the softness, select youngish animal.In that case, if it is possible to evaluate his ribs, then it is possible to judge age - massive bone with large distances between them, talking about advanced years.Following the acquisition of the meat must be on the same day to cut it.When cutting is necessary to follow the rule - to share a piece across the fiber, as there is then the beef, which was cut lengthwise, it is almost possible.It should also remove all the excess fat, if it is on the visible parts of the loin, neck or other parts of the carcass.It can then be used to add to the beef cutlet.

# 4

After the roast will be divided into pieces, you can start preparing it.Firstly, it is necessary to fight off.Then preparing a marinade of lemon juice and vegetable oil.They are taken in equal proportions, the resulting mixture is added to the salt and pepper in a small amount.In a bowl (enamel or porcelain) need to put meat, pre-coat with the marinade, so that it fills the entire space.Then on top of this mixture poured residues.To obtain the desired effect (softening of the fibers) rather than one hour, which will hold the product in the refrigerator.

# 5

Fry the meat should be on a hot frying pan with olive oil until cooked.Experienced cooks are advised to flip it only once during this process.In this case, the pieces get a beautiful smooth crust on each side.There is also another tip, if the meat is not too good - there are also hard pieces with veins and bone and soft clipping, you need to put them in a special way.Down placed "complex" product, which is filled with water, and laid on top of delicate pieces - they will be prepared for a couple.Just a few culinary experiments will help determine exactly where grilled meat is fully cooked.If all the instructions, the result is excellent!