How to cook zucchini ?

How to cook zucchini ?
You will need:
  • Courgettes average value -2 pieces
  • 300 grams of boiled chicken
  • 150 grams of pickled mushrooms
  • 2-3 salty ogrurtsa
  • 3 fresh tomatoes medium quantities
  • 250 mlmayonnaise
# 1

to prepare this recipe kabachkipo they should, for starters, wash and peel.After that, every pub must be cut in half lengthwise.For a really tasty dish is best to give preference to those varieties of zucchini, which have many seeds.The next step is cutting zucchini halves each language medium thickness.When these plates will be fully prepared, they must be lightly salt.If zucchini rigid, it is worth twenty minutes soak them in water, vinegar which was previously added.

# 2

After that, you need a pan heat the vegetable oil and fry the zucchini each plate from both sides until light golden brown.It is recommended to fry squash simmered.Many housewives are well aware about the fact that most of the vegetables is capable of initially excessively absorb fat, and then give it away.To the future of t

he dish has a pleasant taste, it is necessary to take some measures.In particular, certain of the working surface can be spread out paper towels and put them on the fried zucchini.The top plate can also be covered with towels thus occur maximum return of excess fat.

# 3

While squash will give soaked with frying oil, you need to prepare the stuffing.There is a certain instruction, complete following which helps to get a truly delicious dish.So, as a priority, boiled chicken must be cut as much as possible into small pieces and put into a pre-prepared dishes.Then, marinated mushrooms must be cut into thin plates, and add to the chicken fillets.Pickled cucumbers cut into cubes.Tomatoes need to cut more finely as possible.Prepare the filling by mixing the components and finishes dressing of mayonnaise

# 4

To make the filling was not watery, it is necessary to take some measures.For example, it is known that pickled vegetables can absorb the excess liquid.Therefore, before you chop mushrooms, you must discard them in a sieve.It is extremely attentive to the choice of tomatoes.It is best to use only those varieties that are not too juicy.In extreme cases, half of the pulp can be removed.Fried zucchini on the board need to be expanded and put on the surface of each plate is almost the same amount of filling.The preform is necessary as much as possible more tightly twist the ends and secure with a toothpick

# 5

Attention is drawn to the fact that in such a retseptv depending on personal preferences cooking, certain adjustments may be made.For example, quite often you can face the fact that instead of pickled mushrooms or olives used, or olives.It is possible to replace the boiled chicken of some other components.Most often used in such a case or boiled beef or meat smoked salmon.It is no secret that some people just love to give a variety of dishes light taste sour.In this case, it can be done by adding mayonnaise lemon juice.Now the shops have a significant amount of mayonnaise, in which such a component has been added to the production.But many true fans of the product tend to celebrate what is best in the home add fresh juice.

# 6

significant number of people are used to the fact that you just need to put out the squash.But few people realize that they can be used to cook really delicious, that it is possible to please both their households and, in the event of such a necessity guests.Serve these zucchini rolls is necessary only in the case when they were pre-decorated.So, it is quite possible in the middle of each individual instance put olive and seal it all with the help of special spazhek.By the way, decorating dish in this way it is not necessary to use a toothpick to secure.

# 7

, contained in the filling, it is necessary to put them in the refrigerator for about three to zucchini rolls perfectly soaked with mayonnaise - four hours.Serve the dish similar to ordinary, not in solemn conditions can be either sufficiently large plate or in a dish.In order to achieve an attractive effect on the can bottoms prostelit dense tissue applied with the focal patterns.Sami rolls are best to decorate with parsley or dill.Although, you can experiment in a certain way depending on their creative abilities.