How to make liver pate , and you need to do ?

How to make liver pate , and you need to do ?
You will need:
  • Beef Liver
  • Deep pan
  • Vegetables: carrots, onions, potatoes
# 1

very useful hepatic dish is pate.After all, not everyone likes fried liver in a frying pan, and fried food does not fit all.But pate spread on a sandwich is much better and more useful.So, how to make liver pate?The most important thing - you need to choose the right liver: first of all, it must not be frozen, not too bright, but not too dark.The surface should be flat, and with pressure on the liver should be no dents, it suggests nesvezhesti product.

# 2

hepatic To prepare the paste is best suitable beef liver.It contains no bitterness and has excellent taste.And if it is properly prepared to be soft and gentle.It must be thoroughly washed, slightly dry with a kitchen towel.Then you need to free the liver from the film, you just need to make a small incision at the edge of the liver and gently remove the tape by gently pulling it toward you.Very easy to remove from the film of the liver, lowering her fo

r a moment in hot water, then the film is easy to depart itself.

# 3

Next, you need to release from the liver veins.They need to be cut with a knife.Then the liver cut into medium-sized pieces and soaked in cold milk for an hour.How to cook fried liver - all know, but how to do it from a paste, known not to everyone.This requires vegetables, such as carrots, onions, potatoes.You can add a piece of bacon, but it is not suitable for each stomach.While milk soaked liver, you need to chop the onion and carrot, fry over medium heat.

# 4

then to the onions and carrots need to add the sliced ​​potatoes into cubes, lightly fried.Then you need to remove milk from the liver, dry paper towel and lightly fry in a pan to the liver does not become rigid.Once gras pieces change color to gray-brown, you need to immediately shift them into a deep saucepan.It should be added to fried liver earlier vegetables, salt, pepper and put the stew on low heat for 20 minutes.It's almost as cook the liver in sour cream, only the last is not necessary to add, just need to pour a mixture of milk, liver and vegetables, which are soaked gras.

# 5

Once the products are ready, it is necessary to cool the mixture.When this happens, you need to chop all the ingredients until smooth in a blender or 2 times to skip through the meat grinder.Once the paste is ready, it is necessary to thoroughly shake up, and that the weight is not too thick, add a little liquid in which vegetables stewed liver.Then you need to add the melted butter, it will give Pate firmness and tenderness.The dish is ready!I do not need no one to ask about how to properly roast beef liver, it is easy and fast.

# 6

As can be seen, to do liver pate very quickly and simply.The recipe is not much different from how the liver stew beef, the only difference is that cooked foods need to grind after frying.You can paste stuff eggs and spread on a sandwich, or apply as a separate dish, sprinkle with herbs.Pashtet- a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, which makes the liver indispensable product in our diet.