How to cook a barbecue at home ;how to make a kebab at home?

How to cook a barbecue at home ;how to make a kebab at home?
You will need:
  • meat for barbecue
  • marinade
  • tomatoes
  • tomato paste
  • bow
  • grill grilled
# 1

course, even home kebab should bemarinated.So the first thing to do - cook a delicious marinade.Here, the standard recipe and is no different from the usual kebab marinade.Sure, every woman skips recipe "by themselves", by making changes to your liking.But to begin to learn the classics.According to the traditional recipe the meat must be cut into large chunks, mixed with pieces of sheep fat (optional), add grated on a grater or cut by rings (as you like) onions.Meat spices and rub with salt, sprinkle with lemon juice.Marina is at least an hour in a pot with the lid closed.Of course, bake in the oven for barbecue tastier and healthier than frying it in a pan.To save time, you need to warm up the oven to 200 degrees until the meat is marinated.

# 2

At the same time, you can prepare their own barbecue sauce.Why is it better to do it yourself?Because, unlike pushdown sauce at home and no prese

rvatives are used only quality products.To get started in a skillet stew with chopped ripe tomatoes, seasoned with salt and pepper and filled with vegetable oil.After 5-7 minutes, add 3 tablespoons of tomato paste (can be and more - depending on the desired amount of sauce).After 2 minutes the sauce taste is necessary and if desired, add spices dosolit, or, conversely, to sweeten.The next and final step - very finely chopped greens with grated garlic.Another minute on the fire - and the sauce is ready.He, incidentally, it is not only suitable for barbecue, but also for any meat dishes.

# 3

Then you need to take the meat back.The question immediately arises: how to cook a barbecue at home if larger than the rotisserie oven?Then there are 2 options.You can find suitable dishes - for example, pan for frying meat or cauldron.And for the full experience, you can buy bamboo skewers and meat strung on them.The second method is more like cooking barbecue on nature, but it is more troublesome.We'll have to build something like a BBQ grill and find the grill.Barbecue easily "build" of the pan - wrap it with foil enough.Skewer will need to put on top, on the grill.It is recommended to put on the foil a few pieces of bacon (having melted, it does not give a shish kebab from burning).In an electric oven barbecue in the middle of getting ready as 2 tena uniformly heat the oven;in the gas - as high as possible.Convector and electric grill, built-in modern oven, quickly deal with browning meat.

# 4

But whatever ultramodern oven may be, you need to carefully monitor the state of the food.If the meat was covered with golden brown top - kebabs must be reversed, and if there was smoke, meat is removed immediately from the oven.That it is not dried up, and it was juicy, like a barbecue, to the bottom of the oven before cooking put a bowl of water.Ready barbecue spread on a platter and serve with the sauce and vegetables.That's all about how to make a barbecue at home.