How to fry the liver with onions and spices : a recipe

How to fry the liver with onions and spices : a recipe
You will need:
  • liver
  • carrots, onions
  • seasonings
# 1

The main problem that arises when the question: how to fry liver and onions - is the rigidity of the liver after cooking.The liver is necessary to prepare a certain way to make it soft.This is especially true for families who have small children.Young children - are small kings and queens in otdelnovzyatom state - apartment, room, house.In submission they are all adult family members.And sometimes to please their taste preferences are not quite simple.Especially when it comes to useful products.

# 2

little distracted from the topic, once it is possible to reveal a little secret: how to boil the liver so that it was not too hard, not rubber, and soft.For this purpose it is necessary to heat the water first, and then put to the liver.The same principle is used for frying.So, how to cook beef or pork liver.First you need to grate half a carrot, finely chopped onions.All this is put on a preheated pan with a small amount of vegetable

oil.Vegetables lightly fried (only for flavor!).Then there is added water (on a pound of liver - about 250-300 grams of water) and left to a small spark.

# 3

As the water begins to boil, wash thoroughly beef or pork liver, cut into small cubes measuring about 1.5 by 1.5 cm. If it is cut too large, it will be more dry.When fried with water, boil, to put the liver, seasoned with spices and covered with a lid.I make cookies for this recipe, no longer a problem: how to roast beef or pork liver, that it ate a child.Since the product is obtained juicy and fragrant.Spices better to take a special for pork or beef, or mix your own red pepper, black pepper, salt, herbs, turmeric, a little nutmeg.This recipe: how to cook beef or pork liver - can vary.For example, you can add in the fried tomatoes or mushrooms - get a completely different taste.From garnishes liver goes well with pasta - gossamer, boiled potatoes with dill, rice, as well as with vegetable salad.When serving you can add a little sour cream and herbs (dill, parsley, basil).