How to prepare a child to fish?

How to prepare a child to fish?
You will need:
  • fish in the child's menu
  • correct cutting fish
  • caviar - the greatest delicacy
  • fish with vegetables - a basis
  • nutrition sea fish - cooking secrets

What to do if your child does not want to eat fish?It must be remembered that the fish have to be present in a child's diet.Many children refuse to eat and do not like it, but if you use little tricks and little one would guess that you give him just a fish he will eat it with pleasure, and may even ask for supplements.How to cook fish to the child?Try to disguise a dish, make meatballs or beef.The main thing is that the child did not understand what he eats.

# 2

Everyone knows that a lot of dishes depends on the aesthetics and appearance.In order to prepare a delicious and beautiful fish, it is necessary to cut properly.Clean the flesh from the bones, if you will fall a bone during a meal, it is likely to completely discourage the desire to continue eating.Using subtle tricks while cooking your dish will be the most

delicious and juicy.How to cut the fish?Proper cutting is that all pieces were about the same, then they are cooked evenly.And this is the main pattern in cooking.

# 3

Often razdelyvaya fish, you can find inside the eggs.It is extremely tasty and healthy delicacy.You can consume caviar in its purest form, and can add to a dish that you have decided to cook.The taste of caviar adds elegance and originality to your dish.On the issue of how to cook the eggs of fish, the main thing is not to overdo it, so that the dish was not too unusual.Exotics like not all.

# 4

all tend to slim figure and good health.Note that the fish - is one of the main products, which must be present in the human diet.Fish, chicken, vegetables - all vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins, so necessary for our body.If you are a fighter for good nutrition, you should know how to cook fish with vegetables useful.And most importantly, to keep all the minerals.

# 5

taste of sea fish is very different from the river or lake.These fish are generally less smell and taste it softer.Properly cooked sea fish like it, even the most discerning palate.The main thing is how to cook sea fish, so it does not smell?Our advice is, buy only fresh fish, then all of your meals will be the most delicious and original.