How to cook pasta with egg ?

How to cook pasta with egg ?
You will need:
  • Macaroni
  • Egg Frying
# 1

Modern housewives are beginning to forget the old and long-tested recipes, try to look for something new and different.While many traditional recipes is not worse.And if you like to make pasta nautically many housewives still know something about pasta with egg all have long forgotten.This article describes the perfect recipe, how to cook pasta with egg, because it is a tasty dish that is cooked very quickly.

# 2

To cook the pasta with egg first need to boil them.For this dish is better to choose the pasta cones or spirals, spaghetti is not very easy to prepare.Pasta is necessary to boil until half cooked.The method of cooking every woman can choose herself.Those who know how to cook pasta in multivarka can take advantage of this miracle of technology, but in general it is possible to cook in a pan and horns.Once the pasta prepared they must discard in a colander and rinse with cold water in order to avoid adhesion.By the way, the pasta to ob

tain the desired degree of readiness, it is recommended to read the instructions on the pack.This will help to know how to boil pasta and how long it takes to cook.

# 3

When excess water is drained from the pasta can proceed to the second step - roasting.On a hot pan add a little oil and butter, and laid out the pasta.Within 5-10 minutes of pasta you must fry, stirring constantly, that they had dried and scorched.Now you are ready to cook the eggs.Their number is taken at the rate of 1 unit per 100 grams of pasta.Eggs must be broken down into a bowl and mix thoroughly, then add salt and pepper to taste.Next, pour in the beaten egg pasta, all mixed dish quickly to the egg mass is distributed evenly over the pasta.All the ingredients are roasted together for about 5-7 minutes, the time will depend on the amount of pasta.At the expiration of the time the pasta with egg ready, you can eat.By the way, this dish is ideal as a quick breakfast as you can not only use fresh pasta, but yesterday.

# 4

In conclusion, one more piece of advice.To the dish turned out a delicious and unusual it is possible to bake in the oven.There is also a wonderful recipe for pasta bake in the oven This is simple enough.Already finished pasta with an egg to put a few pieces of butter, and sprinkle cheese on top of everything.Then, the dish was placed in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 2-3 minutes.This time is quite enough to melt the cheese and pasta did not have time to burn.This option is pasta with egg is suitable for a family dinner.