How to cook vegetables in a pot : a simple recipe

How to cook vegetables in a pot : a simple recipe
You will need:
  • vegetables in a pot
  • stew vegetables
  • vegetables Aldente
  • mixture of vegetables
  • vegetables Chinese
# 1

options cooking tasty dishes of vegetablesa bunch of.Simmer, boil, bake, fry.With them you can do whatever you want and it will still be tasty and healthy.Secrets of cooking vegetables are many and each experienced housewives have a couple of proven and favorite recipes that they regularly use.How to cook vegetables in a pot?Cut all vegetables into cubes, we throw in a pot and put in the oven until cooked.The recipe is fairly simple.

# 2

very tasty turns vegetable stew in a pot or in the pot.Fry onions in a pan until golden brown, cut potatoes, carrots, tomato cubes and throw in a container.Fill it to the brim with water and cook until tender.The dish turns out very juicy and unusual.Yet it is very light and is ideal for proper nutrition.How to decorate a dish of vegetables?The finished dish can be decorated with greenery.

# 3

On the beneficial properties of

vegetables does not make sense to talk about.They are very much useful vitamins and elements.They must be present in the daily diet man.One of the most unusual dishes of vegetables - it Aldente.How to cook vegetables "Aldente" recipe: take any frozen vegetables, cook them until tender.Give cool.Take a deep container with water.We spread into her vegetables and add them to the ice.After 5 -7 minutes the dish is ready.

# 4

vegetable mix - this is a great option for a light snack or lunch.Take to your taste any vegetables, let the young kukuruzka, broccoli, spinach, peas, zucchini, all fry in butter with onions and simmer in a pot.For a taste, you can add salt and pepper.How to cook a mixture of vegetables?Recipe perfectly accessible and easy to prepare.

# 5

fashion for Chinese food has long been firmly established in our diet.The Chinese are known for the fact that their power is the most useful and easy to prepare.Secrets of cooking vegetables lie in the fact that basically all the vegetables cut small strips and quickly fried in a special pan.Here is a method directed to how to prepare vegetables in Chinese.It is very fast and affordable.Maybe as a snack or a full-fledged original side dish to meat or fish.It depends on the taste and preferences.Vary, some use the vegetables, you can also at its discretion.