How to take a magnesium b6?

How to take a magnesium b6?
You will need:
  • magnesium
  • vitamin B6
  • medical consultation
  • consulting nutritionist
# 1

Magnesium strengthens exchange processes, has the ability to transfer ions across cell membranes and restore electrolyteprocess.The main use of magnesium preparations: angina, rhythm disturbances of the heart, vascular dystonia and prevention of this widespread disease today, such as stroke.Magnesium is necessary to more than three hundred enzymatic reactions and is irreplaceable in the process of adoption and the impact energy by the body.This metal is involved in the electrolytic balance, it increases the permeability of various membranes, and normalizes neuromuscular excitability.Yes, the body needs magnesium, but how to drink magnesium?B6 - vitamin helps to absorb Mg.

# 2

Mg is part of the structure of DNA, is required for the synthesis of RNA in the process of division and growth of cells.It limits the release of catecholamines in stress situations, thus preventing the effects of a nervous

breakdown.The daily dose of Mg intake for an adult is;450 mg - for men and 350 mg - for women.How to take a magnesium: once or metered during the day?Mg is easily absorbed by the body when taken orally, but just as easily eliminated via the kidneys in the urine.Therefore, drugs with this element should take certain doses several times a day.The dosage can be prescribed only by the attending physician, according to the disease and its severity.Also, only a doctor can recommend how to take magnesium (B6, as a rule, is already present in the current preparations).

# 3

Magnesium is found in food, but, according to the majority of doctors who specialize in the subject of healthy eating, "eat" this element in the required amount is almost impossible.Since Mg is contained in many foods in a form that the human body does not perceive.How to get magnesium in the right doses to man?The answer - is clear: only in adequate, well-digestible forms that pharmaceutical industry produces in various kinds.Or contact an experienced dietitian, who will select a set of daily products, enabling you to get from them the necessary amount of magnesium.

# 4

Magnesium - one of the most essential metal for human beings.But, according to research by scientists discovered its huge shortage in modern man.For example, in Finland, the national program for the prevention of Mg deficiency have been taken at government level.This measure gave the obvious decline in diseases associated with vascular dystonia, the residents of this state: psychovegetative syndrome, autonomic dysfunction of the heart, cardiopsychoneurosis, vegetative neurosis, cardioneurosis, vegetotativnaya dysfunction of the cardiovascular system.Much to the chagrin of Russian cardiologists, according to the documents, may recommend the use of this precious metal to human health, in only a few cases.Tablets and magnesium solutions if they do not produce negative effects of the individual, it is necessary to take a long time because a week break, Mg balance comes into "initial state", ie a situation deficit.