How are bran : bran right choice

How are bran : bran right choice
You will need:
  • Diet
  • Bran
# 1

Before we start talking about the use of bran, one must understand what it is and looks like.Bran - the remains of grinding various grains that are sold more often called "fiber".The color can be different (gold, ivory, cream and other shades of gold), but externally resemble bran, ground, crushed crackers.After it was clarified look like bran, you need to go directly to their use.

# 2

Before the consumer is a question how to make bran diet.If a decision on how to lose weight, will be correct steps to use bran (for weight loss, you can eat 1-2 tablespoons per day).Of course, there are limitations on the use of this product - children who can not eat them until two years.At the same time we must not forget about the water that causes the bran swell, which will result in a positive and desired outcome for the organism.It was swollen bran able to deduce further toxins from the body.

# 3

No tablets and pills are no substitute for mineral properties and

the impact of bran.How to cook the bran to affect the body and the stomach?You can use this recipe as bran powder, nonfat yogurt, which must be mixed (in this case, the bran should be no more than one tbsp.).This "meal" to eat during the day every 4 hours and slowly.Eat a teaspoon needed, maximum - three hours before bedtime.This diet should be followed for three days, then to arrange a fasting day, which cleanse the body of toxins.

# 4

must know how to properly use the bran to them was good.This product is used as a preventive treatment for various diseases where the body tissue is required.Drink can and should be a diet of bread and bran (during lunch), which will help to eliminate constipation, atherosclerosis, hypertension.According to doctors is better to add bran to soups, cereals and other dishes at 1 h. Spoon and eat 2-3 times a day.You can grind in a coffee grinder bran and turn them into a powder to porridge.

# 5

Doctors always told that a large number of eating bran - is harmful.One has to take in food, but in normal amounts.Nutritionists and doctors always say, how to eat bran.You can make a healthy drink that is full of vitamins (bran broth).Be sure to wash, pour boiling water (1 liter of water) and cook for about an hour, after which you need to pass through a sieve.After all this procedure will mess into which you can add lemon juice.

# 6

If plagued by some problems, it is best to consult a doctor, who, in accordance with the uniqueness of the body and detect disease, prescribe how to eat bran, that was good.Bran give nemerenoe human body vitamins and the same amount of benefit.If you follow the instructions and recipes, it is possible to achieve a perfect figure and healthy digestion.The main thing - to specify that the body needs certain specific person.