How to cook grilled salmon ?

How to cook grilled salmon ?
You will need:
  • Salmon
  • Refined vegetable oil
  • Lemon
  • Bow
  • Spices
  • Dill and parsley
# 1

In stores, salmon is sold inas steaks.Many skillful hostess knows how to cook grilled salmon as it correctly to marinate the fish turned out delicious and juicy.For the marinade you need to take olive oil, mix it with lemon juice, add finely chopped onion, salt, sugar.Excellent marinade obtained using dry white wine, it adds vinegar or lemon juice, refined vegetable oil, coriander, rosemary.You can also marinate salmon in mayonnaise by adding coriander, dill and parsley, different spices.Marinate steaks should be about two hours.When there is no time for a long period of preparation, you rubbed salmon mixture of salt and herbs, give soak for twenty minutes so that the fish is well prosolilas and soaked flavors of herbs.

# 2

Before salmon fry in a frying pan, you need to know how to properly breaded fish.You can just dip the salmon in flour and fry, also use potato starch, mix it in half with fl

our, cooked in a breaded salmon obtained with an appetizing crust.In addition to flour, bread crumbs are used, they can prepare themselves to do this, pieces of loaf or bread baked in the oven, and then ground into a fine crumb to the blender.Also to use a breading egg mixed with milk, they should be a little whisk.Very interesting breading obtained using sesame seeds, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, they are usually mixed with breadcrumbs.First Salmon steak rolled in flour, then dip in egg, rolled in bread crumbs, so crisp provided.

# 3

It is very important to know how to cut salmon fry, of course, you can fry and a steak, but there is a risk that the grilled salmon remain raw in the middle, this is best done on the grill.If the salmon is fried in a pan, then steak cut into thin slices with a thickness of about two centimeters.You can cut rectangular strips of salmon, such cuts are usually used for cooking salmon schnitzel.Often used cutting into strips, a length of about eight to ten centimeters, two centimeters thick, cut from the thus prepared salmon fish sticks, used for frying in batter.For frying salmon is best suited refined sunflower oil, of course, you can fry and olive oil, but it can give an undesirable taste of salmon, olive oil is best used for the marinade.You can also take a cooking part plant and part of the butter, it will give fish extra flavor.

# 4

Very tasty steak of salmon.First, the fish is cut into flat pieces with a thickness of two centimeters, width - seven, a length of about ten centimeters.Then you need to marinate salmon, this mix the lemon juice with the olive oil, add onions, sliced ​​rings, spices, marinated salmon almost two hours.To prepare breading flour, eggs mixed with milk, sesame and coriander mixed with breadcrumbs.Pans put on the fire, pour a little of refined sunflower oil, salmon roll pieces first in flour, then in egg and breadcrumbs, mixed with sesame seeds, put in a pan, fry until cooked.Salmon fried fast enough for approximately five minutes on each side.Schnitzel salmon before serving, pour the white sauce, sprinkle with dill and parsley, served with fried potatoes and vegetables.