How to bake fish?

How to bake fish?
You will need:
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Spices
# 1

There are many ways how to bake the fish in the oven, you can cook the fish baked in salt, in foil with vegetables,You can bake a whole fish on a baking sheet.For starters, the fish must be prepared to bake, first clean it, make an incision in the abdomen and carefully gut, remove the gills and fins, you need a good wash the fish, especially from the inside, if fish will be baked whole, then cut the head and tail is not necessary,possible, and without a baked fish bones.In order to extract the bone, it is necessary to make a cut along the spine, and then pull the ridge together with the bones, but with the big fish, such as bream, it is better not to do likewise, you can bake it directly from the bones.Bake can be a whole fish, or individual pieces, you can also cut the fish into pieces and then put it in the pan along with the head and tail, so that the whole fish has turned out, as is commonly done, if the fish is prepared with filling.Before

you bake the fish, it is necessary to rub on all sides with salt and spices, you can use black pepper, coriander, thyme, Provence herbs, paprika.Very often when baked fish use lemon juice is usually poured on top of the fish is cut or lemon slices and put them both in the middle and the top of the fish.Also, parsley is used for baking fish, dill and tarragon, cilantro.

# 2

very tasty fish cooked stuffed with various vegetables.For this purpose, suitable vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic.For the filling can be used as raw vegetables, and pre-fried, it depends on the recipe, if you fry the onion and carrot and stuff the fish, fried vegetables will give the fish a unique taste and aroma.An important role played by baking fish onion, cut it into half rings and rings, stuffed fish and spread them on top of her, along with slices of lemon.Vegetables can be used not only for the filling, but also as a "bed" for the fish, most of all for this purpose is suitable potatoes, onions, carrots, potatoes and carrots cut into slices, onion rings, vegetables spread on a baking sheet in neat layers, first the potatoes, thenlayer carrots and a layer of onions, pour refined sunflower oil, then spread on top of the fish.You can also bake the fish with mushrooms, they need to pre-fry with the onions, add sour cream, this stuffing to stuff the fish.You can add a variety of cheeses, stuffed fish best cheese or tofu, sprinkled on top of the fish better grated hard cheese, it should be done at the end of cooking, when there are five minutes to the end of baking.Also very tasty filling of buckwheat porridge, boiled in buckwheat add fried onions and carrots, so you can stuff the fish with rice with mushrooms, green peas and carrots.If the fish pour sour cream or mayonnaise, the dish will more juicy and tasty.

# 3

can bake the fish in the oven in several ways, most of the fish baked in foil on a baking sheet or a very interesting way of baking - fish baked in salt, very tasty and original dish is obtained.Whole fish should be cleaned, gut, wash and cut the head and tail do not need to rub the fish with spices.Lemon cut into slices, onion half rings.For this dish, it is best to use sea salt, it is necessary to add two egg whites.Sol lay out on a baking sheet, a layer of not less than one centimeter, put on top of the fish, stuff with its lemon and onion, put a sprig of dill, a bay leaf, pour on top of the fish with lemon juice, then you need to put the remaining salt layer around two centimeters.Bake the fish in salt should be at 200 degrees, about thirty or forty minutes, it all depends on the size of the fish, fish cooked in this way, it turns out very juicy and delicious, it will not be salty because salt, were filled with moisture, it forms a hard shell andIt gives the juices evaporate.It is important not to overdo the fish in the oven, otherwise it will be tough.If the fish baked in foil, it is necessary to heat the oven to 180 degrees, the baking time should not exceed twenty-five minutes to get the fish baked with a crust, it is necessary at the end of baking foil and break dopech five minutes.To bake the fish in the pan, it is necessary to lubricate the refined sunflower oil, put the fish in the pan, stuff with its vegetables, pour the fish with lemon juice, can be lubricated with sour cream or mayonnaise, then the fish will be more juicy and tasty.Bake the fish in the pan should be at 180 degrees, no more than twenty minutes, if the fish are large, about thirty minutes.