How long to take magnesium ?

How long to take magnesium ?
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# 1

Magnesium is an important element, which is vital for the body of each person.It is needed to maintain the function of the cells, is involved in many metabolic reactions;also regulates the transmission of nerve impulses involved in muscle contraction.The human body needs magnesium to do with food.But poor diet (fast food), lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, a large thermal and chemical processing of food leads to insufficient intake of magnesium in the human body.Therefore, due to lack of magnesium just need to take medication magnesium B6.How to take magnesium?Magnesium always goes with vitamin B6, its role in the human body is also high, it helps to quickly assimilate magnesium and absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the cells.Therefore, in pharmaceuticals, for best effect, they are always "go" together.

# 2

Indications: increased emotional irritability, insomnia, mental and physical fatigue, spasms of the gastro

intestinal tract, severe pain, tingling and cramps in the muscles, heart palpitations.Before you take magnesium B6, be sure to go to the reception to the therapist, which collected history and performing a thorough inspection, prescribe medication magnesium B6, if necessary.Also physician will tell in detail about this medicinal product;give advice, how to take the medication (individually calculate the dosage of the drug per day, designate the duration of taking the drug).Pregnant and lactating women before applying magnesium B6 should also consult a gynecologist.

# 3

How to get magnesium - a frequent question many patients.Get magnesium B6 can do without a prescription from a doctor.The drug is commercially available in the pharmacy, as it does not belong to the list of drugs group A. Magnesium B6 is available in tablets and capsules.Small tablets are coated with a white coating.Each blister pack of 10 tablets.In box 3 to 5 blisters with instructions for use.A solution of magnesium B6 is available in vials of 10 ml."Ampoule" dark glass, soldered with 2 sides.Each box 10 samonadlamyvayuschihsya vials with a medicament.

# 4

The box also includes installation instructions on the use of the drug.Before you drink magnesium B6, you need to read the instructions for use, which certainly will be written as to use the drug correctly.The daily dose of the solution and tablets need to be divided into 3 times (morning, lunch, evening).Tablets need to drink during meals, washed down with a glass of warm boiled water.The daily dose of the solution should be dissolved in a glass of water and drink as well as tablets, three sets.Duration of treatment an average of about 1 month.If normal magnesium levels in the blood, treatment should cease.Before and after taking the drug should consult a doctor.