How to bake a sturgeon in champagne ?

How to bake a sturgeon in champagne ?
You will need:
  • Sturgeon
  • Champagne
  • Bow
  • Lemon
  • Green males and dill
  • Baking
# 1

Sturgeon in champagne, baked entirely, but ifsturgeon are very large, and the oven is not very big, you can bake it in portions, and then lay down on the dish together.Before you bake the sturgeon, it is necessary to prepare.First, the fish should be gutted, gills removed, get vizigu (located along the chord of sturgeon), rinse well with fish, both inside and outside.Then release the fish from the scales, this sturgeon should be scalded with boiling water and dip in cold water, then clean it will be much easier, because you need to do several times, until the fish is not well cleansed of scales and not wash out well inside.

# 2

Then you need a good dry sturgeon kitchen towel, rub it with salt and a mixture of herbs, so leave the fish for twenty minutes to the sturgeon is well soaked with salt and aroma of herbs.How to clean the sturgeon is known to many housewives, but not everyone knows what it is p

ossible to stuff.For stuffing sturgeon usually use onion, lemon, dill and cockerels, tomatoes and bell peppers.Onions should be cut into rings, lemon cut into slices.In the middle of sturgeon put parsley and dill, onion rings, a few slices of lemon.Lay the sturgeon on a baking sheet lined with foil, belly down, pour it champagne and put in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees, bake for about thirty minutes.

# 3

Most housewives know how to pickle sturgeon, but not everyone knows how to bake a very large sturgeon in the oven.It must be cut into pieces, put pieces of sturgeon in the pan, paved foil, belly down, parsley and dill, onion rings and lemon wedges must be placed between the pieces of sturgeon, pour it champagne.Head sturgeon better cover foil, which need to be removed at the end of baking.So bake all sturgeon, then shift it onto a plate so as to obtain a whole fish.Many people know how to pickle sturgeon, but not all are able to prepare for it champagne sauce.Cream should be poured into a pan, add the champagne, put in a water bath.

# 4

Table spoon starch diluted with water, drain (to avoid lumps), then gently, a thin stream, pour the sauce of cream and champagne.This sauce is not necessary to boil once on the surface of the bubbles start to appear, immediately remove it from the water bath.Drizzle sauce grilled sturgeon.Almost everyone knows how to fry sturgeon, but not all housewives know how beautiful lodge baked sturgeon in champagne to the table.Garnish with onion rings can sturgeon, slices of lemon, flowers, cut vegetables, sprigs of fresh herbs.This dish will decorate any holiday table.