How to get magnesium from food ?

How to get magnesium from food ?
You will need:
  • Nuts, Seeds
  • rose hips, hawthorn
  • rhubarb, broccoli, spinach
  • Dark chocolate
  • eggs, seafood
  • various cereals, legumes
# 1

magnesium deficiency and the daily rate.Magnesium for the human body is an important element, without which it will be impossible to many processes.Therefore, we must consume it with food in the required quantity.The daily magnesium intake is 300 mg for women, 350 mg - for men and 450 mg - for pregnant women.But this rule does not always ingested, since most people do not watch their diet, they have too meager, leading to a deficiency of this trace element.Also, it leads to increased physical activity, pregnancy, malnutrition, gastrointestinal diseases, breast-feeding, excessive consumption of alcohol.

# 2

products with a high content of magnesium.Reflecting on how to get magnesium from food, should pay attention to those in which this substance contains the most.These products include: rhubarb, spinach, broccoli.However, they are in most cases o

rdinary people are simply not available in the diet, and in fact they contain magnesium, which is most easily absorbed by the body.That's why you should eat these foods at least two or three times a week for prevention of deficiency of this trace element.

# 3

Foods rich in magnesium.The question of how to drink magnesium B6, is quite relevant, since many now there is a deficiency of this trace element.But artificially created drug will never replace its natural intake of food.Therefore, the diet must include products in which it is contained in excess.These include a variety of cereals, eggs, seafood, and rye bran bread, pumpkin seeds, soy flour, bean.It is important to calculate how much they contain magnesium, and every day to eat his norm.

# 4

Dessert with magnesium.So how far can you take magnesium tablets are not all that enrich your body with this trace element can be, adding to the dessert foods rich in them.For dessert, you can eat a variety of fruits, dark chocolate, dates, nuts, halva.After a few weeks of this diet you will notice how well-being improved, and the mood is always upbeat, even if nothing good had happened.But we should not rely on the fact that these products will be able to compensate for magnesium deficiency, except for them will need to make in your diet and other dishes, rich in this essential trace mineral.

# 5

Tea with magnesium.Before you take magnesium B6, you need to consult your doctor and if he will forbid it, we must find other sources of this trace element.To magnesium ingested in larger quantities should be added to the tea rose hips, hawthorn, black currant.When sleep disorders can brew hops cones, they will maintain magnesium balance in the body.Magnesium - is a very important trace element, which must be ingested in sufficient quantities, which is why it is so important to balance your diet, then you can avoid health problems in the future.