How to sleep in osteochondrosis : doctor's advice

How to sleep in osteochondrosis : doctor
You will need:
  • solid surface
  • mattress
  • special pillow
# 1

Nowadays, many suffer from such diseases as osteochondrosis.And, first of all, it suffers from a peaceful sleep.Such people must necessarily sleep on a firm mattress.The most suitable mattresses.When people do not have problems with the back and joints, it is best to sleep on a soft bed, this allows you to save your back, bending inherent nature.A hard surface is needed for how to sleep with osteochondrosis, to straighten the spine during sleep.

# 2

As many try to sleep on your stomach (not with cervical osteochondrosis), but you need to choose a position that the back does not bend.For this fit posture when bent leg tucked up to her stomach.It also allows you to ease the pain.Before you sleep, you need a place to sleep to make as easy as possible for themselves.

# 3

Get rid of the pain allows such activity, how to massage with osteochondrosis.This massage can be done lying down or sitting.But massage should be performe

d only when there is acute pain.Otherwise massage will only aggravate the situation, and the pain will become even stronger.You can do stroking, rubbing and kneading the diseased parts.Massage can relieve pain as an osteochondrosis, and strengthen muscles.Again, after the massage will make it easier to sleep.

# 4

If torments lumbar osteochondrosis, the bed should be the same on the hard surface.Pillow thus should be small and moderately hard.It is necessary to do special exercises for the spine, they allow you to remove the tension in the muscles, normalize blood flow.Do not run this disease.We need to see a doctor.He will explain how to treat low back pain lumbar what course is best to do the exercises to relieve pain.lumbar degenerative disc disease treatment also depends on the cause of the disease.

# 5

But there is another type of osteoarthritis - a thoracic osteochondrosis.It is often confused with the HDR and other diseases of the heart, as in this case the blood pressure becomes unstable.If accurate diagnosis is not defined in a person how to treat thoracic osteochondrosis can not tell anybody.Only after accurate diagnosis can start treatment.

# 6

Any osteochondrosis need proper balanced diet, so that the body received all the necessary material to him.We need to try to sleep in the right position and on a hard surface.During that, as a man sitting, you should try to keep your back properly.You can not make any sudden movements, lifting weights.All these recommendations will help to protect the spine from unnecessary overload and get rid of the annoying pain.Therefore - to escape safely.