How to calculate calorie diet ?

How to calculate calorie diet ?
You will need:
  • Table calorie calculator
  • literature on dietary food
# 1

Wisdom says that every person is what he eats.Indeed, fans of high-calorie, fatty foods that get in the snack, even at night, do not differ harmony figure.Excesses power will certainly be visible on the body.Besides, it's not very nice, obesity can bring along with them a number of diseases.Therefore, those who are concerned about their appearance and health are wondering how to make a diet?

# 2

Nutritionists say that human food portion should equal the volume of palm, folded in the shape of the boat.This is important, as too large portions of food the stomach increases with time, and to reach satiety have to eat more.Hence - overweight.The gradual reduction in the size of portions will eventually come back to normal stomach.Of course, this should not be too high-calorie foods such as chocolate, cakes or nuts.

# 3

Strange as it sounds, but to have a healthy weight, you need to eat.Be sure to eat breakfast,

such as oatmeal with fruit on the water.Between meals is important to observe breaks in 3-3,5 hours.If hunger attacks, it is possible to quench his apple or a glass of nonfat yogurt.

# 4

This issue is very important aspect related to caloric intake.Each dish, the product has a certain amount of calories.If the food is purchased in the store, on the package already specified the number.Those who prepares himself, it is useful to know how to calculate caloric intake.There is a special table showing how many calories are contained in every 100 grams of product.You can easily find this information on the Internet or buy a special literature on nutrition.Thus, 100 g of boiled eggs, for example, contains 150 kcal.One egg weighs an average of 50 grams, so it has 75 kcal.Now you know how many calories a day you need a specific person.Those who are on a diet sufficient in 1200 kcal."Stroynyashkoy" can eat more dense.

# 5

Tom Venuto in his work "burn fat feed the muscle", derived a formula that helps determine the number of calories needed, taking into account physical stress -TDEE.Here it is: 655 + (9.6 times the weight in kilograms) + (1.8 multiplied by height in inches) - (4,7umnozhit of age) = level of metabolism (BMR).Then BMR is multiplied by the index of activity (from 1.2 where it is almost zero activity to 1.9 - Superextreme load) turns TDEE- daily caloric intake.Finally, the day of the diet is composed of foods that do not exceed the caloric content derived indicator.