How sore low back pain : self-diagnosis

How sore low back pain : self-diagnosis
You will need:
  • Consultation
  • Roentgen
  • Care to the health
  • Localization pain
  • Full survey
# 1

osteochondrosis - it is a serious disease of the spine,that violates the patient's quality of life.In the course of the pathological process irreversible degenerative disorders observed in the structure of the articular cartilage.Depending on the affected area is isolated cervical, thoracic and lumbar osteochondrosis, treatment of which has its own specific features and nuances.Osteochondrosis several reasons, but as a rule, they are all caused by uneven load on the spine and its asymmetrical work individual muscles.However, whatever the reasons may be, and wherever located stricken region, productive treatment depends on correct diagnosis.

# 2

How it all begin?As a "sore" low back pain?As shown by extensive medical practice, in each case, the disease has a clinical picture, however, as a rule, all categories of patients the pathological process is inherent in the same beginning.Thus, the

patient feels recurrent pain in the back and some muscle tension, which significantly limits the mobility and brings a lot of discomfort.Such abnormalities in the early stages of degenerative disc disease are particularly evident in the sitting position or by strengthening the physical load on the spine.Such warning signs require immediate referral to a specialist in order to identify disease and accurate diagnosis.

# 3

First of all, you need to undergo a full examination in a specialized medical center, but special attention is to focus on the performance of X-rays, the results of which allow us to determine the pathogenesis of the disease.However, one way or another, the patient should self assess their condition, in a timely manner to pay attention to the failing health and seek medical advice.Of course, the excitement should cause unpleasant pain in the back, worse every time, but there are other signs of osteoarthritis, which everyone should know the modern man.It is also important to have a clear idea of ​​how to treat low back pain.

# 4

begin a self-test is recommended from the field of pain localization.If the pain is felt in the neck, arms and shoulders, there is a suspicion of cervical osteochondrosis;if severe pain cover the chest and upper abdomen, it is possible that the progress of the thoracic spine osteochondrosis.But if the "weak point" are the lower limbs and waist, it may result in the lumbosacral spinal department.Anyway, the disease has a number of specific steps, during which the pain vary considerably.For example, remove the thoracic osteochondrosis is also difficult, how to treat cervical osteochondrosis.

# 5

Along with the intense pain for cervical degenerative disc disease is also characterized by severe headaches, migraine, recurrent dizziness, impaired vision and hearing, rarely syncope.Thoracic osteochondrosis inherent intermittent numbness and sharp pain when moving, well, breast - pain in the pelvic joints, groin, as well as walking and slopes.Present pain eloquently that the spine is unable to cope with physical activity entrusted to him.That is why it is important to ask how to get rid of degenerative disc disease quickly.

# 6

is important to understand that such a large-scale depletion of cartilage of the spine in the absence of timely treatment could result in disability, which is why it is important to respond to the problem in a timely manner.Full examination, correct diagnosis and productive scheme of conservative treatment will help very undesirable exacerbation turn into periods of remission, so to speak.