How to remove the bitterness from the liver ?

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You will need:
  • liver
  • pan
  • information about how to prepare liver
  • Milk
  • Sol
# 1

liver, pork, beef or chicken, is a delicacy.It is important to be able to cook it properly.Many afraid to communicate with the cooking of the liver due to the bitterness that sometimes arises.In fact the cause of bitterness are errors in cutting, and hence when preparing the liver.The reason for the bitterness of the liver is a gall bladder and bile ducts.

# 2

When improper cutting of the bile ducts, getting to the liver, can really spoil the taste.How, then, to get rid of the bitterness in the liver?If you are butchered liver, carefully separate the gallbladder and bile ducts.Toxic liver-green parts just means that they got bile.They just have to cut and throw.How to remove the bitterness from the liver, even if after this operation it is bitter?

# 3

Soak the liver for several hours in milk to remove bitterness - has long been well-known method.It really helps to remove the bitterness from the liver, though not all.Soaking in milk, in addition, can soften old liver, making it softer in the cooking process.Such a method is well suited for pork liver.Before soaking the liver in milk should be washed to remove the bile ducts, cut the film.

# 4

soaking time - 4-5 hours.Often used instead of milk whey.The proportion of serum liver weight to 1: 1.In addition to milk, is often used to soak vinegar (9%).In this case, the liver is cut into small pieces and soaked for one hour in an acetic aqueous solution (160 grams per liter of vinegar).soaking time in this case - one hour.

# 5

How to remove the bitterness from the liver, if you are still overlooked, and only in the cooking process discovered that the liver is still bitter?In this case one can add some sugar or honey liver during roasting.To do this, mix 1 teaspoon of honey with pepper, leave the liver in the mixture in the quarter of an hour, and then quietly dozharivat it on low heat.

# 6

Separately, fry the onion until soft in vegetable oil, then mixed with the liver, fry a few minutes on high heat, then turn down the fire.Bring to a readiness for a quarter of an hour on low heat.To salt the liver is necessary at the end of cooking, otherwise it will be a tough, salty and tasteless.Salt as a way to remove the bitterness does not apply.