How to remove the bitterness from the bow ?

How to remove the bitterness from the bow ?
You will need:
  • Onion Salt, Vinegar Vegetable oil
  • Water
# 1

Bitterness onions - it unpleasant feature that many people are not satisfied.In this case there are a few culinary options for removing the bitterness of the onion.The most common way - pour boiling water over the onions.Put the onion in a colander and pour hot water.Is Chop the onion into rings or scalding it entirely - your choice.Advantages: quickness.Disadvantage: not everyone likes a taste of onions.

# 2

Marinating - another way to remove the bitterness.This will require a glass of vinegar (3%).Sypem sugar, then salt, then - vegetable oil (all on half a tablespoon), throw a couple of peas black pepper.Mixing all the ingredients, get the marinade, which is filled with pre-peeled and chopped onion into rings.We leave in a sealed dish for 20-30 minutes.

# 3

How to remove the bitterness from onions frying in deep fat - the traditional method of processing Cut the onion (rings, half rings), put in a preheated 180-de

gree oil, fry until golden brown.We dries, remove excess oil, use as a component of a side dish.You can pre-roll onion rings in the flour, then get crispy chips from the bow.The bitterness and the smell go away, onion becomes a pleasant sweet taste.

# 4

Another quick way - to chop the onion by any of the methods necessary for you (cubes, rings, semicircles), add one tablespoon lozhkusoli, stir, immersed in water (cold) and keep it in a quarter of an hour.Passirovka onion over medium heat - a classic way to get rid of the bitterness.Cut the onion into small cubes, warm up the pan, pour a few drops of oil, put the onion until transparent passiruem.

# 5

How to get rid of the bitterness of green onions?Finely cut onions, stir to release the juice.Butter (not margarine!) To melt, pour the onions, stir, rinse after ten minutes.When using green onions in salads rinsing is not necessary.Advantage: Fast and easy.Cooking Onion - perhaps the most simple reception remove bitterness.

# 6

Suitable for sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonions, and for the whole head.Used in soups and broths.A significant drawback: very few people like to eat boiled onions.All the above mentioned methods may be used for selecting or combining them with each other, depending on the selected and of prepared food.