How to remove the bitterness of cheese ?

How to remove the bitterness of cheese ?
You will need:
  • knowledge about the composition of cheese
  • information about how storage
  • Colander
  • warm boiled water
  • Savvy
# 1

you got cheese, which tastes bitter?To avoid this, we recall the main features of freshness.Smell: fresh cheese has a pleasant smell, typical dairy products.Color: white or slightly yellow.The second characteristic of the fatty varieties of cheese.Taste: mildly sour.Sour curds, by definition, stale, and cottage cheese with bitterness - one that began to deteriorate.

# 2

If the curd is not old, but already has a bitter taste.Do not rush to throw it.Of course, fresh use it is not necessary, but as a basis for cheesecakes or cottage cheese dumplings this is fine.Add the sugar and vanilla sugar, and heat treatment, which the curd is subjected to destroy his bitterness.How to remove the bitterness from cottage cheese, if you know that its implementation does not expire?

# 3

Perhaps he was not made of fermented and of sour milk, then there has been a viola

tion of manufacturing technology.In this case, in the curd develop putrefaction bacteria, not fermented.This is one of the possible causes of defect.This cottage can try to fix it by rinsing in boiled water at room temperature.Cottage cheese is wrapped in gauze, washed several times, carefully pressing the gauze.

# 4

If implementation has not expired, can, after this operation, try to eat cheese.The best way, however, is its use after the heat treatment as a base for casseroles.Homemade cheese can also taste bitter if you are in its manufacture violated recipe and production chain.

# 5

It is worth noting that the utensils you use for cooking cottage cheese, must be absolutely clean.If the cheese is bitter in this case, try to fix it above given way.If you are confident in the quality of milk, which is used, after processing and checking the organoleptic properties of the product, you can use it.

# 6

Old cottage having uncharacteristic putrid odor and bitter taste, should be discarded without conducting any experiments either on him or on his health.In such a case will not even heat treatment.Always rely on your common sense, use ingenuity.Do not throw out cheese up until you are sure that the product is hopelessly corrupt.