How to remove the bitterness from chanterelles ?

How to remove the bitterness from chanterelles ?
You will need:
  • Chanterelles
  • Pan
  • salt water
  • spoken about ways chanterelle processing
# 1

Mushroom chanterelles in a list of edible placed on probation, as in need of provisionalPre-cooking.The bitter juice contained in these mushrooms, you must remove before using them for food.Tricks to get rid of the unpleasant bitterness chanterelles, actually several.And they all relate to a stage prior to basic cooking.

# 2

mushrooms clean of debris.Since the chanterelles are very well absorb the dirt, washed with a large amount of cold water into which you can pour a bit of flour.Thereafter rinsing the mushrooms and immersed in water (cold, 12, and preferably 15 hours).After the water drain off.Mushrooms are ready for further processing: frying, boiling.

# 3

processing time can be reduced significantly, if after release from litter mushrooms boil them in water with salt.How to remove the bitterness of chanterelles with this method of treatment?Cook them with a quarter of an hour (or 20

minutes), and you can be sure that the mushrooms are ready for subsequent use.The water must be drained after cooking and refrigerate chanterelles.

# 4

necessary to remind fans of mushrooms that, along with the false chanterelle chanterelles there.These mushrooms are poisonous, and even heat treatment can not save them from poisoning.False Chanterelle has a bright orange color, in contrast to the yellow chanterelles in common.

# 5

Chanterelles can be frozen immediately after harvest.Under the conditions of -18 degrees (freezing gdubokaya) mushrooms can be stored for a very long time, which, however, does not relieve them from bitterness.Therefore, after thawing, before using them for food, we subject them to the same treatment as that described above, i.e. boiling or soaking.

# 6

Extinguishing chanterelle desirable without blanching, as the bitterness chanterelles at this temperature until the end can not be removed.You will probably have to drain the fluid levels, which reduces the nutritional value of mushrooms.Fry, as well as cooking these mushrooms without boiling or soaking, is highly undesirable.Acute poisoning is unlikely to get you, but an upset stomach - for sure.

# 7

Another way to remove the bitterness in chanterelles - dry them.Drying can be natural, or use the oven.You can cook mushroom soup made from dried chanterelles.Do not gather chanterelles growing along the roads.Carcinogenic substances that absorb well fungi can not break even at high temperatures.Very rarely chanterelles can see worms - just because gorchaschego juice contained therein.