How to remove the bitterness of cheese ?

How to remove the bitterness of cheese ?
You will need:
  • Knowledge about the different varieties of cheese Cheese
  • salt, milk
  • Savvy
# 1

There are many varieties of cheese.They differ in their taste, and on methods of manufacture and storage.The bitterness in the cheese does not always mean that the cheese is spoiled.Some varieties (cheese with mold, hard cheeses) have bitterness in its taste, and do not be afraid, because these are their palatability.In other cases, it may be a sign of the bitterness of poor quality product.

# 2

The bitterness of poor quality can be caused by milk, or a violation of conditions of storage and sale.What if the cheese is bitter?Depending on the grade, procedure may be different.Cheese, feta, Adygei, Georgian cheese can be a little too salty, and that will cause a change in taste.How to remove the bitterness of the cheese in such a case?Cheese soak enough one to two hours in the cool boiled water to remove bitterness.

# 3

For hard cheeses bitterness appearance almost always means that t

he storage conditions have been violated: the cheese several times been subjected to freezing and thawing.Hard cheeses, really can be stored up to three months in the freezer, but the further use of freeze again not allowed.Hard cheese bitterness with signs can be used in the form of crumbs for pizza or spaghetti.

# 4

Hard cheeses are stored at a temperature of 10-12 degrees, semi - 5-8 degrees.Cheese, soft varieties, with bitterness, not subject to correction, they should be discarded.Stale, rancid cheese does not, however, can be corrected if omitted for 10-15 minutes in milk.Soft cheeses (Camembert, mozzarella) are very gentle, and if the cheese is bitter, it is a sign of poor quality.In other words, the raw materials (milk) had off-flavor.

# 5

Improper storage of cheese in the refrigerator can also cause rancidity.They are perfect as absorb odors and transmit their.The cheeses are stored in the refrigerator should be separated from other products, or wrapped in a water-repellent film.Outside the refrigerator cheese store in a cool place in the fabric, pre-moistened with a salty solution.

# 6

Feta cheese (the so-called brine cheese) should be stored in salt solution strength 16-28%.Knowing the properties of different kinds of cheese may always be useful in determining the quality of the product.Before you throw cheese, make sure that it is hopelessly flawed.