How to store bread, right?

You will need:
  • Breadbasket
  • Plastic bag
  • Baking soda
  • Apple
  • Potatoes
# 1

before putting bread on the storage, select a place where it will belie.To do this, the hostess usually used breadbox.Now you need to choose what material will be made bread bin.The most preferred material is wood grain storage.That tree was good it regulates moisture and helps protect the bread from the mold and drying.

# 2

's just not worth taking a breadbox, which caused a thick layer of paint or varnish, otherwise they will not allow the tree to breathe.As used in household bread bins made of plastic, steel, glass.The next step on how to store bread, is to put the bread in a plastic bag.That's only if you brought home hot bread, wait until it cools down, and only then put it in a package.

# 3

should also be noted that the package of bread stored for a short time.However, storage of bread in the package allows you to keep it soft and fresh for several days.It should be taken into account and this nuanc

e, that the bread during storage should lay down the bottom crust.Otherwise the bread begins to deform and start from this stale faster.

# 4

In breadbaskets, which houses the bread, should regularly clean up, otherwise the bread will quickly deteriorate and absorb odors.To do this at least once a week to wipe crumbs from the bread box and wipe the remnants of its weak solution of soda.After rubbed bread box, it should be dry, and do not put the bread into the wet breadbox.

# 5

Also, for those who want to know how to store grain properly, it should be said that the rye and wheat bread should not be stored together.From this white loses its taste, since absorbs the smell of black bread.The same rule applies to bagels, sweet pastries, biscuits.They are stored together with the bread it is also not recommended.If you want bread, not longer callous and remained fresh, put in the bread box cut apple or a piece of treated potatoes.

# 6

When buying bread, do not put it in your bag without packing, too, present their odors in the bag, and even more so if there are other products.Breadbasket, in which the stored grain should be in a certain place, where there is next to electrical appliances and other kitchen appliances.By following these simple recommendations, you will always be in his home tasty bread.