How to marinate the chicken tobacco ?

How to marinate the chicken tobacco ?
You will need:
  • Chicken
  • Garlic Black pepper Vegetable oil
  • Sol
# 1

recipe for this wonderful dish was brought to our table Georgians.The word "tapaka" translated from their language means the name of a special type of pan, which actually took place chicken frying.The specifics of this dish is a special marinating chicken, as well as the treatment of his pre-special way.

# 2

First, you need to take and prepare a young chicken.On his back is a deep longitudinal incision from the neck to the tip of the tail.The resulting carcass unfolded and placed on the board up inside.Before you marinate the chicken tobacco, it is necessary to thoroughly clean it from possible residue byproducts, as they may spoil the taste of the final food.

# 3

necessary to trim the excess fat and skin, cut and remove the neck, cut the tips of the wings.You can then wash the carcass under running water.Placing then the chicken on a paper towel, dip and dry it.The next step will be fighting off.To do this,

flatten the chicken on the table or the general board.Wrap it with cling film.

# 4

It does not play any particular role in marinating, but the walls of your kitchen will be saved from possible splashes and stains.Expansions and chicken coated film must be properly fight off, making it as flat as possible.After the procedure, remove the tape.Now you can proceed directly to marinating.

# 5

before marinate the chicken, prepare all the necessary ingredients to make them right at your fingertips.To begin with, sprinkle chicken evenly with salt.In order to achieve a more uniform distribution of the salt can be rubbed her hand on the carcass.When we finished salting begin to lubricate the carcass of the bird with vegetable oil.Then sprinkle with pepper.

# 6

In the classic version uses only black pepper.If you want to - you can experiment with other varieties of pepper.Pepper distribute evenly by hand over the entire area.Separately, prepare the chopped garlic.Finally it is coated on the bird and allowed 15 minutes.Fry on both sides of the carcass.For best results, put the top weighting for a snug fit to the bottom of the pan.