How to remove the bitterness of viburnum ?

How to remove the bitterness of viburnum ?
You will need:
  • Kalina
  • Knowledge of methods of preparation of Viburnum
  • Sugar
  • Hot water
  • Pan
# 1

Kalina - one of the few fruits that are known to use long.This pantry vitamins in pure form: C, F, A and C. In addition, viburnum berries are rich in pectin, sugar, essential oils, amino acids.The only thing that often stops people collecting viburnum - bitter taste of berries.However, there are a number of known ways to get rid of the bitterness in Kalina simply and quickly.

# 2

Frost, drying, and the use of sugar as a preservative - the main three ways to get rid of the bitterness.Kalina does not actually deteriorate and can keep fresh for a year.The optimal period for its collection - October-March.Frost much reduces the bitterness of viburnum berries, so it is good to collect it after the first frost, which is the most accessible way how to remove the bitterness of viburnum.

# 3

With the onset of winter, gathering berries simplified even further - there is no foliage on the t

rees, and the main competitor of the person in the course of only birds are gathering.Remove the bitterness of viburnum berries in the home, you can by holding berries in boiling water (seven minutes will be enough).Prolonged boiling the berries change color to brown, moreover, destroyed most of the vitamins contained in the berries.

# 4

water drain, then the berries can be used as you see fit.Drying - another way to remove the bitter taste of Viburnum.Kalina is collected together with the stalk, so it is easier to dry.Kalina dried in natural conditions, then it requires a final drying, which is carried out in an oven (not more than 60 degrees).Then the berries are cleaned of twigs and store in a dry place.

# 5

Each viburnum berry is the seed, the heart-shaped.Namely, it is a source of bitterness.That is why the bitter viburnum.Removing the seeds leads to a source of bitter berries disappearance.At an early collection of viburnum berries can be put on a few days in the freezer, then omit a few minutes in hot salted water, then wipe with sugar and cook the jam.

# 6

Kalina in the sugar pre-rubbed through a sieve, removing thus the seeds.Adding sugar allows you to completely get rid of the bitterness, and viburnum, rubbed with sugar, jam much more useful.In the preparation of jam sugar is heated with snowball until it dissolves.Before boiling the berries do not bring, or viburnum change color!