How to remove the bitter taste of mushrooms ?

How to remove the bitter taste of mushrooms ?
You will need:
  • Ryzhikov
  • salt, spices
  • Water
  • Information about the methods of processing mushrooms
# 1

Ginger, along with a penny, it has long been considered a royal mushroom.Delicious in salt form, it nevertheless has a great advantage over the second.Ginger is probably the only mushroom plate, which does not need soaking before salting or pickling.In Sandy, usually not bitter, which is why the pretreatment (blanching) for these fungi is required.

# 2

Moreover, it not always recommended and washing the mushrooms from the forest litter.Dry (traditional) way involves salting dry cleaning of these fungi on fallen pine needles and debris.To do this, use a soft brush.Washing makes hats fragile and brittle, in addition, kills half a unique flavor, which have mushrooms.

# 3

question "how to remove the bitterness from the mushrooms" rather rhetorical than practical.Before salting enough mushrooms to boil in salted (2%), water, and they are ready for salting.Salted mushrooms in wood

en barrels, which will suit any timber except aspen.For the relatively small number of fungi can be used plastic or enameled ware.

# 4

If the saffron tastes bitter, it may depend on the properties of a forest, the soil, which we grew mushrooms.Such bitterness disappears after a short heat treatment.Before salting mushrooms definitely need to sort out, very often there are worm-eaten mushrooms.Young mushrooms are preferably used for pickling than marinating.Bitterness can also occur if you have gone too far with the amount of salt.

# 5

usual norm - 30-40 grams of large salt per kilogram of mushrooms.Another reason why gorchat mushrooms may be the wrong storage conditions.Pickled mushrooms stored under the yoke in a cool place.When the temperature rises and the lack of salt the mushrooms begin to turn sour, and with an excess - can start to taste bitter.The normal temperature for storage of pickled mushrooms is a range of +5 to + 12 degrees.

# 6

Spices when you can not add the dry salting process is sometimes placed in a container cloves of garlic and horseradish leaves, which prevents the growth of bacteria and creates additional conditions for preserving mushrooms.Black pepper and other seasonings with a dominant taste, should not be added in pickling mushrooms - it can also cause bitterness in mushrooms.