How to marinate the chicken tobacco ?

How to marinate the chicken tobacco ?
You will need:
  • Chicken
  • Adzhika
  • Ground pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Sol
# 1

Chicken tobacco is a very popular dish on the all territory of Russia, as well asin other countries.Although this dish has a specific name, but variations in its preparation of the mass.Especially different in different pickle recipes.Whatever marinated chicken, it will need to be in a marinade of half an hour to one day.The time depends on the composition of the marinade.

# 2

The first option is to marinate the chicken tobacco is put it in a mixture of spices and oil for a few hours.Seasonings can be used in almost any, based on the tastes, the person who prepares all.Alternatively, you can do the following composition: a mixture of peppers, paprika, salt, ground nutmeg, coriander, mustard, beans and olive or vegetable oil.

# 3

In this case, the oil acts as a binder.When the marinade is ready they smeared bird and placed in a sealed bowl or in a package that is tightly fastened.Marinate for at least half an h

our, you can, but it is better to give the hen to stand up a little more.Another option is to marinate the chicken tobacco is used for pickling mustard and honey.

# 4

These two ingredients are mixed together, then you have to add salt and black pepper.Mix well the entire composition, process the mixture of the bird.Honey and mustard will give a flavor of the meat and make on the surface of delicious chicken, fried crust.Marinate in this way for a long time is not required, after half an hour, you can send pimples on the pan.

# 5

As already mentioned, a marinade made from those products that you like.If you do not know how to marinate chicken, you can use a beer, mixed with orange juice.It's quite an interesting option marinade.Beer will make a chicken soft, acting on his own bubbles and orange juice will give a refined taste.

# 6

Accordingly marinade need to add salt and black pepper and allspice.This method of marinating, perhaps, can be considered one of the fastest.Since twenty minutes the meat shall be satisfied with all the staff.But if you leave the chicken in it for a day, the chicken will only get better and tastier.